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Forum: Armchair-GMNov 6 at 10:51 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>You're trading RNH, Nurse, Puljujarvi, and a 1st to get two twenty goal wings for one and a lot of good stuff. RNH is a 20 goal winger. Would you trade Nurse, Puljujarvi and a 1st for just Gallagher? Because in terms of the goals you're adding to the lineup, I think you may as well have. How about a more reasonable asset management plan?

Trade Puljujarvi for any old guy you want off the Habs, who then pair him with their own lonely Finnish top pick, Jesperi Kotkaniemi, and laugh all the way to the playoffs. Gallagher might be a little better, but Byron's cap hit this year is pretty great. Might even be able to get Max Domi if you add a 3rd.

Trade Nurse to Washington for Burakovsky, Colby Williams, and a 5th.

That gives you two more twenty goal scorers this year, at half the price, without losing a guy like Nugent-Hopkins, who is going to score 30 a year, on a line with McDavid and Burakovsky. It also gives you another AHL RHD who's about as good as Bear. If nothing else, the two push each other, and increase the odds that one makes it next year. Plus you still have your 2019 1st pick and RNH. Does Nylander score 5 more goals a year than Burakovsky when Nylander plays with Matthews and Burakovsky playes with Lars Eller? Yes. Does that mean Nylander is better with McDavid than the wing who got 41 goals and 87 points in 57 OHL games playing with McDavid? Or does it mean that Matthews and Marleau are better playmakers than Eller and Connolly? Burakovsky is a 3rd line wing on a team where Chiasson was a healthy scratch. Chiasson's currently on pace for what? 30 goals as an Oiler? Probably a little bit of luck there, but I think moving to Edmonton gets Domi and Burakovsky to 23 a year, or so, each.

Alternatively, trade Strome for Haula and a 3rd, put Haula on Puljujarvi's line, letting Puljujarvi play in his native language a bit, and giving him a constant translator who's been to the Finals. Offer your late 1st for Burakovsky. Dump salary elsewhere. I think with Orpik injured, the Caps would love to have Darnell Nurse around, though. Brings a similar physical presence, with a bit more offense, even if the cap hit isn't as reasonable. :)</div></div>

thx this was super helpful
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