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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jnowariak</b></div><div>Because Zucc has a year left, re-signing Freddy put Rossi in a tough spot. Zucc can really only play with 97 and Freddy is what he is, a bottom 6 C that has zero offensive instinct (I will die on this hill) but the coach LOVES him so he’s not going anywhere. Hartman is easily moved to W on basically any line.

Rossi isn’t a bottom 6 C and never will be. You have to force feed him too 6 minutes and then decide what he is, we have no idea if he’s an NHLer because Dean used him entirely out of place his entire audition last year. And as for was he playoff ready? Probably not, but nobody else on the team was either so that’s a bit of a red herring.</div></div>

I get what you're saying about Rossi's stock as a top-6 player, but it is also true that players who are ready to play in the league make the most of the minutes given to them. Every chance you get, you go out and play hard - even if that doesn't mean points. Guerin, and Evason by extension, have made it clear that they will not just anoint a player to a top line without them earning it. Look at Faber: end of the season he comes out of the gate on that third pair doing exactly what is expected of him plus a bit more and now the chances of him playing in the top 4 next season are good. Not guaranteed, but good. Rossi is soft everywhere he has been put so far - soft on pucks, soft on defenders. That works in the AHL, but in the big dance not so much.

This is not a finesse league, these guys will get tossed and man-handled if they play cute all the time, especially in the playoffs. Hell Boldy probably needs to learn some of that kind of workmanship too, good thing he is 6'2''. These smaller guys are big risks, and often take much longer to develop - if they do at all. We shall see, my jaded Minnesota fandom will try to keep the faith. Hah!
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