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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rangsey</b></div><div>Was JT's season that good? Thought you had him in RW last time. How long til he makes the lineup?

I was super excited about this draft for awhile, think we would find another Point, Kuch type in a later round. Now not so much. Hopefully a couple these guys make the jump to make up for the lack of guys coming thru.</div></div>

I had Thompson in the C column at the midseason point.
To begin the year, he was not moving the puck well, hesitating to shoot the puck, and not defending in his own zone.
In the second half of the year, he began shooting the puck with more authority and moving the puck at a good level. Defense still needs some work, but the improvement was there - and that was good.
And he's still yet to see power play time, which he should excel at with his shot.
I doubt he's called up next season, but maybe 2024-25.

I know I've already made myself a known Goncalves stan, but this year I think he put himself at the top of our prospect pool for future NHL readiness. Skating might be an issue, but I'd probably compare him to Katchouk in that department, and he wasn't terrible.
I also want to see him shoot more (at the right time). Sometimes it looks like he's dead set on passing.
I think he needs another year in Syracuse to fully mature.

And I'm serious on Edmonds possibly making the team to begin the year.
Myers will probably be on the team to start, for cap reasons, but Edmonds is a wrist-shot shooting talent we haven't had in awhile.