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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafs_Storm</b></div><div>Johnsson, would be on the PP, but he wouldn't be unseeding Drai, McD, Nuge. Neal's regression makes it a wildcard, but then Yamamoto would likely step in. Johnsson would prob be the best Winger offensively on PP2 if Neal takes another step back, and Engvall likely makes PP2 as well. Both can play PK. Bear played well, but he isn't a bonafide top pair guy yet. If getting top minutes made you a top pair guy I'd be thrilled having Cody Ceci. Bear was getting about 4 minutes less than Klefbom, 3 less than Nurse, at about 21 TOI, which is right on that 2nd pair minutes area. Jones actually had better results from an analytics standpoint, but he's a LD so that doesn't work. Ultimately, if Edmonton values him very highly, then it's nothing, but in terms of young top 4 RD for young top 6 W and young top 9 C/W, both who are very fast skaters which Edmonton loves, then it's good value for both sides.</div></div>

Bear plays against other teams first and 2nd pairing. Jones plays 3rd and 4th pairing guys, so as far as those analytics go, they are out the window.
Klefbomb and Larsson have been injured so Bear has played a lot with not much PP time, which Klefbomb gets a ton of
Also Chaisson has been playing the PP for the past 20 games, even when Neal was back from injury, Chaisson was the man for net presence, Not sure if Johnsson plays right in front of the goalie on the PP to take a beating, but that was Chaisson and Neals job. Neal will probably be a buy out if there is one and Chaisson will be back to that job permanently. So the Number 1 PP in the league can continue.
Oilers will move Larsson or Benning before Bear, who is a young controlable D. Like I said, he is NOT for sale PERIOD.... Not even for the often injured Johnsson who will get more injured in the big western teams.
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