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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Lavoie'a fine enough but his numbers are inflated by BO-Groulx
Lavoie on his new team is behind our late pick Raphael Harvey-Pinard
Groulx went to an All Star team Mr Irving put in place and tied for 2nd
The only player ahead of Groulx is Khovanov the only other 2 point per game player in the QMJHL beside only Lefreneiere .

if anything BO -Groulx is who MTL should be targeting
since he was traded here i've seen him a lot more and how he adjusted taking on a leadership role immediately on a team stocked full of leaders
reminded me of what Sydney Crosby said about Shea Weber commanding the respect of the lockerroom full of all stars and that in a room full of Captains they looked to him .

Lavoies a solid goal scorer at the Junior level but it wont transition well into the NHL and he will likely take the long road to the top 6 like Gallagher if he makes it there at all .
IF Lavoie was capable of playing Center consistently i'd be solid but he's a horrendous Center which is why he only ever got ice time at that position during injury or when they moved him to 2nd PP because their 1st PP wasnt working that night for whatever reason .

what i'm getting at is EDM basically giving up Jake Evans and a 1st for RNH
MTL isnt giving up its top player for that , the package would need a good prospect with him or a 2nd round pick minimum

If Toffoli's under performing self can get a 2nd and a 3rd then Tatar with 1 year left on back to back Career years Commands more then this pultry return</div></div>

LOL that is exactly what people said about draisaitl (Lavoie) Yet both keep putting up the points. Oilers decline anyways.
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