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Forum: Armchair-GM8 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>habitantlecolon</b></div><div>So why in the first place Jets fans are asking Dach or whoever from Habs if he is Untouchable or that rumors are false?! Is he really out of reach or do the fans don't want to lose him?! Is this whole almost 150 comments out of context?!</div></div>

Honestly don't know. Could also be his Agent is stirring the pot to try and create a bidding war. Try and make teams think he wants to go to Montreal to try and see if other teams will offer big money to try and change his mind. My opinion as a Jets fan is, while I think he is a terrible human and very selfish. I would like to see him stay with Winnipeg. When he tries, he is a very good 200' player. He is strong on the puck, great back checker, very physical, borderline an agitator.

I think Winnipeg gets the trade rumors from the Winnipeg Media.We almost blinded by it because we think the media knows something. So we take their words and run with it. Not sure what is said through the Montreal media but all of the Winnipeg media suggests it will take Dach, 5th overall, or Barron to woo the Jets. Of course nobody knows what a deal will look like. I love the comments "untouchable". The fact is, every player is available if a team thinks the player they are receiving is that good.

It was reported as well that Dubois could be heading to LA for Byfield, Clarke and a high draft pick. Seems like a lot to me for LA to give up, but these guys must be getting this information from somewhere or they could also just be spitballing like all of us.

Winnipeg media today said that a deal that has been discussed is Scheifele to Carolina for Jarvis and Pesce. Now Carolina fans would say absolute not, and maybe they are right, but that is what we hear from our reporters.

I actually love/hate this site. It would be so much better if everyone on here wasn't so rude all of the time. I am assuming that the ones that are are just kids. Can't imagine any adults acting like that. Its great to see the passion of all fan bases and how everyone values their players. It is also funny to see all the trades proposed with the same players and people talking like these players are good, yet every trade has them getting rid of that player. Take Dvorak for example. I have heard how good he is and how good he will be, he has just been shut down by the Canadiens because they had nothing to play for.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>I’ve heard some absolutely terrible things about wheeler as well from sources who I deem as very knowledgeable and close to the situation. Not just about how he treats his teammates but also other people who work within the organization. I’ve also heard a ton of really good things about wheeler and what he does for the community in Winnipeg so can see why there are people who support him.

Culture has been a major issue in this team for years. Little and Byfuglien were the only reason why this team was held together. Losing them crippled the ability to keep the dressing room together. Again these are things I’ve heard from what I deem to be credible sources. Not to mention that Kevin hayes literally came out and said it’s one of the worst locker rooms he has ever been in or heard of….

So tired of the “oh well people have trade protection so we can’t blame Chevy” BS excuse. There are tons of players who are moved without trade protection. Chevy is just too timid as a GM. The guy never does anything unless he is absolutely forced to do it. I mean Chris Johnston came out and said that he believes the organization doesn’t even know what direction they will go in… Chevy has been incredibly reactive as a GM and it’s gotten to the point where the players hold all the leverage and dictate the direction of the team. Just an absolutely pathetic organization. It starts from their owner who can’t keep his hands out of the day to day operations of the team. Not to mention the absolutely idiotic “premium season ticket member lounge” they just announced. Talk about being absolutely tone deaf. People already don’t want to spend money to see the product, now you’re asking for more $ from your season ticket holders to access a lounge where they have to pay even more for food and drinks….

I could go on and on about how this organization is a dumpster fire but honestly I’m at the point where I just don’t give a F as a fan until they start doing something to change their on ice product. Genuinely will not watch a single game next year if they keep things the same. I know a lot of people who opted out of their season tickets for next year and think that trend will continue.</div></div>

Honestly, if any of these sources are true. Then the whole team needs to be gone. From the bottom, every player and office staff because they all 100% support him and that means they are all part of the problem.

Let me be clear though. I have no problem with them trading any player on the team. As long as they get back an acceptable amount back. Not trade them because fans are whining and threatening not to by tickets. I am a season ticket holder. In the new Bud zone, and I will continue to by tickets whether they are first or last because I am a fan, not a fair weather fan. I will not bail on this team under any circumstances and then pretend to be their biggest fan if one day they make a big run. I was also a season ticket holder for the Bombers since I was 10 years old. I went 29 years without a championship and never once complained when they were absolutely dreadful.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>I've heard from a solid source stuff about Wheeler that's just brutal, I don't give a **** how "old school" he is, its stuff that no one should ever do to a teammate.

Also if he doesn't coddle the young guys then why was he so willing to coddle Scheifele?

Not trying to be an argumentative Richard but this team clearly has a culture issue, just saying it's cause of different personalities and being based in Winnipeg after all that's gone on since the 18-19 season and probably before then (why was Hendricks signed im the first place?) is really sticking ones head in the sand.

Plenty of bigger dmen could've been acquired but Chevy sits on his hands and holds onto his draft picks and then misses on them, Oleksiak was traded for a 4th TWICE and Zadorov for a 3rd, why didn't the Jets make those trades? Neither of those guys had trade protection so that excuse doesn't hold water. They need to trade anything after the 1st round for players that can help now cause their drafting after round one is pretty abysmal and their development track record is getting worse and worse.

The culture issues start at the top with the owner.

Sorry but these excuses and narratives around the Jets need to die.</div></div>

Not sure who Richard is. That ain't me bud. I agree it starts at the top and maybe they should've gotten those guys. I 110% disagree that he ever did anything SO bad that you could make a statement like "its stuff that no one should ever do to a teammate". I think you should check your "solid source". No way these young guys would come out and say they still consider him the captain if any stitch of that was remotely true.

Wheeler's son is on my boys hockey team. Maybe your "solid source" thinks he is a poor leader, but I disagree with that. Blake Wheeler is a good human. He stays at games and practices and talks to all of the parents. He is even there well after the games and practices taking pictures, signing autographs. Involved in many sick kid charities in Winnipeg.