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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ThewsTML</b></div><div>LOL, Scott "32 point career high" Laughton is better than Johnsson who scored over 40 points in his rookie year (and was on a 48 point pace)? Johnsson would instantly become your 5th best winger by a large margin after Giroux, Voracek, Konecny and JvR, and adds a great option into the PP2 and can easily slot into the top 6 if injuries arise. The cost you give up is a 3rd liner, and in OP's deal the Flyers also get a 4th rounder, which I definitely don't agree with, it should be the Flyers adding a sweetener there. Johnsson's younger and has top 6 potential. Laughton is a career bottom 6er.</div></div>

Ever thought about considering this year's stats? Laughton is on pace for 45 points and Johnsson is on pace for 40 points. Laughton has started to play on the second line because he has been playing good in the bottom-six. Meanwhile, Johnsson has been playing in your top-nine with your four superstars for all of the games he's played this season and yet Laughton still has better production. I don't care is Johnsson was better than Laughton in the past. Flyers are in win-now mode and they can only win right now, not in the past. Johnsson would also be our sixth best winger because Lindblom is also better than him. There isn't even any room for him in the line-up. Lindblom and JVR only play left wing and Voracek only plays right wing. Johnsson only plays left wing as well. Giroux and Konecny can play either wing, but that would drop Johnsson down on the fourth line and I'm not paying $3.4M for a fourth liner when we're already going to be in a cap crunch. Like I said before, Laughton is a little more flexible and he can play center or on the wing. $2.3M is a good price for a 3C if our top-six is full. If anything Toronto would have to overpay because the Flyers aren't changing something that doesn't need to be changed.
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Thread: Philly
I wouldn't do this if I were Philly. As much as Voracek's contract scares me, I'd like to keep him, at least for now. A lot of people are saying that we should CBO him it there is one, but I strongly disagree with that. Him and Gaudreau were on pace for similar production this year. It doesn't make sense to have to pay to swap Voracek out with Gaudreau when you're a win-now team. That would be a lateral move for us as of right now. Then it would hurt our future as time goes on. I think a lot of people underestimate Voracek's leadership for the Flyers and it's definitely better than Gaudreau's, even though Gaudreau will have a lot of passion in Philly and fans will have passion for him. While Gaudreau probably had a down year, I'd still have Voracek over him just for those leadership purposes. Thornton hit 82 points when he was 36 and I like to hope that Voracek walks a similar path.

However, by the way it looks, it seems like you are trying to take on Voracek as if it would be helpful for Philly. If you take Voracek out I think Philly would accept, although it might need some salary retention to make it work. It's essentially two first round picks and that seems like a good price for Gaudreau. We'd only give up futures, never roster players. Unless of course, they're minor roster pieces and bringing in Gaudreau would still be a much bigger upgrade. Morgan Frost is one of our fan-favorite "young guys" in Philly, but we're loaded with center depth and unfortunately, as much as I love him, I think he will be on the move at some point.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>flamesfan</b></div><div>Flames wouldn’t do that trade gaudreau is very undervalued on this website.</div></div>

Well, that's because his value is diminishing. He's turning 27 in two months and he'll only have two years left on his contract. He primarily uses skating and skill for his performance and that wears down as a player gets older. He has hardly and physicality to his game. Honestly, I think Voracek at age 30 will be better than Gaudreau at age 30 because Voracek is bigger and plays with physicality. He doesn't rely on skating and skill as much as Gaudreau does.
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