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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>With the acquisition of Weegar, Kylington is the odd man out and is the Trade Bait we have to offer for a Forward

We’d need retention on Bertuzzi at an additional cost, sure a 2nd or I’d gamble with Kubalik but he’s not enough and we don’t want picks, we want guys that can contribute now or the next season or two, since you are correct we’re making a run for the cup

Fabbro &amp; Vrana are of little interest to us since we can’t bank on them being healthy and available, leaving us short handed or scrambling to create new line chemistry come playoff time

Kylington makes sense for DET AFAIC. He’s young and has room to improve as a puck moving &amp; mobile d-man who can play both sides. He’s just not needed in CGY as much as another forward</div></div>

I could see a Kylington + 1rd Round pick -23, for Bertuzzi with 1m+ retained.
2 caveats - Bert is coming up on UFA 23 and is likely looking at at pay rise looking at how he's performed. Also, how will Kylington's injury affect him? How long is he out and how good will he be once he returns?

All this said, there are other options for the D-line available all things considered. Edvinsson is going to be joining soon enough along with Albert Johansson and Lindstrom is already playing a pretty solid RD. This trade was originally to look at what the reaction would be to get Andersson for Vrana. Although plenty of Detroit fans borderline would die for Vrana, I am not so convinced myself (but would love to be proven wrong). I wouldn't fall off my chair in chock if I saw that trade happen considering the needs of either teams.
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Purely looking at preseason skill levels and game contribution, Berggren and Soderblom should make it into the middle 6, but because of the below reasons I see them as starting in GR along with a few others.
- Waivers - Although not as good, Erne, Suter, Sundqvist, Veleno and Smith should remain in the mix to help maintain that competitive environment. Not surprised if SY has create this log jam to push for that competitive "playoff" mindset.
- Chemistry - Soderblom/Berggren and Edvinsson/Johansson can build chemistry in GR. Learn how to find each other through muscle memory and all that good stuff.
- TOI - As mentioned above, I would rather see Soderblom/Berggren and Edvinsson/Johansson get more TOI at this point.
- Honing Skills - Although they could get this in the RW, having an "on-ramp" allows some space to work on the areas of improvement (Soderblom on FO and speed, Berggren on Shots, Edvinsson on confidence/consistency).
- Higher pick in -23 draft - Worse case scenario, by putting "worse" players in games during this season will put us in a better position for next years draft. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky (for once).
- NHL exposure still very much going to happen (injuries etc). &lt;9 games in NHL for these young ones WILL happen.
- 23/24 Changes - There are a fair amount of UFA/RFAs happening at which point SY &amp; Co will have a much clearer picture. At that point Kasper may also be in the mix to enter along with these guys.

Also <a href="/users/THE_OTHER_JUST_ME" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@THE_OTHER_JUST_ME</a>, it's "Soderbl<strong>o</strong>m" which translates to "South bloom" in Swedish. Berggren translates to "Mountain branch"