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Moving Mason for Kapanen is simply because we are weaker in depth on the right side, he is young and can be a top 6 winger; while Mason is going to be 30 near the end of his contract and want a raise. No point in keeping him around during a rebuild even though we have no one really as a RHD, we can get someone younger, cheaper and build around them and let them develop with the rest of the youth. Sell him while he has value and yes I know Mason to leafs has been around for a long time, so why not give the leafs what they want in a cheap RHD and we get a younger winger on the right side instead of being over stocked with LW.

I feel everyone over values Deangelo... I am not saying he is bad, he is a great offensive D and with the Rangers already having a strong hold with Trouba & Fox, he will become the odd man out eventually. With him being an RFA and wanting a raise, it could be an option to move him. The rangers HAVE top 9 forwards in all positions and giving them someone like Jones, Steel, Comtois, Terry doesn't fill any need for areas they want to improve on. Steel isn't going to replace Strome, Zibanejad or Chytil. What do you want to do Rangers fans, have Kakko, Kravstov, Gautheir, Kreider, Panarin, Buchnevich, Lemuix and Howden bugger off for the likes of either Max's and Terry. Rangers need a LHD who is young and can fit their system. Larsson may not put up the points that Deangelo would BUT he sure can help them over the expensive aging Staal or Smith. Given that you also get a high round 2nd pick in a deep draft year when we are trading UNSIGNED RFA's I would say this is pretty fair.

Silfverberg has been on the Habs radar for a few years now. They have youth, they have talent but they need stability and consistency with a player who covers all areas of the ice, can pull off 40pts a season and still manage to shutdown top players while clocking 16-20 minutes a night. There isn't a prospect you would give up outside of another pick. Brook, Fleury and Juulsen are all players we would want in the trade, would you rather give them up over a two 2nd round picks. Maybe it would be St. Louis pick and either Habs or Hawks 2nd but given what other teams got for lesser players this is a deal that the Habs can afford to make without messing their prospects, system or future.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 10, 2017 at 2:48