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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BSpadaro83</b></div><div>All the Buffalo fans are gonna be here screaming where is Fox, Kakko or Laffy, but in the end, Buffalo isnt even gonna get this good a package. Cant wait to see the fall out when Eichel is moved for like 2 1sts, Strome, Zac Jones and Georgiev or something like that.</div></div>

The problem is that there really is no reason for sabres to be tempted here. As much as you love trolling buffalo fans over eichel value its always amusing to see the complete lack of talent/value NYR fans are willing to trade. This line up has eichel as your top center, over Zib's. Which means you recognize him as elite? So stop counting out change to pay for him if you want him.
To help you make the choice think about how are you going to pay all these players over the next few years? Fox, Kappo, Zib's, lafreinere..how much do you think the cap is going up? Buch is worth 5.5 a year but paying him what he's worth makes him as good as a UFA so wheres the value? The rangers 1st this year is looking outside the top 10, next year will probably be higher without eichel with him could be 32 wheres the value? Offer something tempting or we'll just keep him. Offering players and pick we can get anywhere for the quality of player that comes around every few years is silly. So start with the 2021 1st, then add a piece that we would want an elite player the kind of kind most teams only have 2 of. Because your getting a guy most teams dont have (kappo/fox not a player you don't think you want anymore ie. Chytil/strome) then add another peice with good value an good rfa or player with a nice contract. Now you have a starting point. Glad i could help.
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