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Sep 10, 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bdawwwgy1</b></div><div>Okposo could be buried to save cap, hes good defensively but we have plenty of thoe forwards now. I dont know what to do with Girg but he never should have gotten that awful contract to start.

Soderberg is plenty better than Girg or Okposo right now, and hopefully Roust is too, its time for him go get some NHL time. Cost savings or not, id take those two over Girgs and Okposo anyday.

Reinhart is not overpaid. That third line would get good time, Reinhart could be moved up at times and could be on PP1. you want Cozens playing with the better players in his first year.

Howard is very likely not to be as good as Reimer but goalies are voodoo and it wouldn't hurt this org at all to have him cheap.

I'm not sure what your comment about " all this seems strange" means, could you elaborate on that</div></div>

I just think your making a lot of strange moves and line up decisions that are unnecessary. Probably because i think girgensons is a good player, maybe overpaid a little (maybe there's more there than you know in intangibles) but i think if he throws 20 more hits a year his whole stat line bumps up for it. I think if i only paid okposo 1.1mil (your not playing dump savings) it would be a great deal. I dont think soderberg is anything special, good, but honestly i prefer okposo, and although im curious about roust as well i have tage and cozens to try out this season and want them to have the opportunity to play thier way into the top 6 or at least make a dynamic 3rd line. Tage on the 4th doesnt make sense as he's not defensive or physical, his shot and skating are great tho (his size would be amazing if he used it) and if he can use them at the nhl level your gonna wanna give him minutes and talent not responsibilities and warm a bench seat.
I also feel like there isn't much of a difference between howard and reimer as a 1b option.
Finally i didn't mean reinhart is overpaid i meant 5.2 is to much to pay your 3c and i'd want reinhart to show me his value helping out skinner and staal getting us to the playoffs. I need to know if he fits our team and cap situation or should i trade him for an asset that does. I guess if your putting him at 3c/2rw you might as well trade him now for a better fit (like dzingel, i would want trocheck, or just sign granlund)
That's where my heads at which is obviously different than yours