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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Was this thread made before or after the Giroux rumors?

No chance the Sens give up Connor Brown to get Giroux.

Connor Brown and Colin White don't have similar value at all, even if you retain 50% on White's AAV

Time to copy/paste my Connor Brown FACTS!

- Among Brown's 19:17 TOI/GP in Ottawa, 2:45 were on the PK and only 1:32 on the PP. His overall dZS% has been 62.6% which is extremely high. Simply put, he is mostly used as a shutdown forward or on a matchup line.

- Despite this defensive usage, he has been 61st for Even Strenght Points among NHL players since 2019-20 (not including 2021-22 yet). Look at the names around him on that list, they aren't all as good overall :


Facts summary :

- He has scored at a 24 goals/50 pts pace in Ottawa (127 GP)
- He was 2nd in takeaways last season (behind Mark Stone of course)
- He received Selke votes (17th)
- Total beast on the PK : routinely gets more scoring chances than the opposition
- used heavily in a defensive deployment (34.0 oZS% vs 66.0 dZS%) but still provides good offense

His speed, non-stop motor and flawless work ethic is a beautiful thing to watch. With only a 3.6 AAV for 2 more seasons... way too valuable for Ottawa and they love him a lot. Any team who has Brown should use him in a similar way that Ottawa has been</div></div>

I don't think there have ever been any even semi-weighted Giroux trade rumors, let alone ones specific to Ottawa
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