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Housley - Must go. Worst Coach I've seen in the history of NHL hockey. The mistakes I'm seeing I'd be ticked watching a Midget or Bantam team make. Besides being short on good players the system Phil has going on is a big cause of the problem. Defense first, not run and gun, gamble with D leaving odd man rushes over and over again.

Eichel, Jack "C" Keep
Okposo, Kyle "A" Keep
Skinner, Jeff - Must Sign (Not over 9 Mil, although really he has the Sabres over a barrel at this point.)
Pominville, Jason - Too Slow to be effective anymore. Love Pommer though.
Reinhart, Sam - Keep
Sobotka, Vladimír - AHL or trade
Sheary, Conor - Keep (One more year)
Girgensons, Zemgus - Not good enough to be in NHL. Trade for bag of pucks.
Larsson, Johan - Not good enough to be in NHL. Trade for bag of pucks.
Wilson, Scott - Maybe 4th line or AHL
Mittelstadt, Casey - Too slow and too weak to play in NHL. AHL for development
Nylander, Alexander - AHL not ready yet
Olofsson, Victor - 4th line
Rodrigues, Evan - 4th line

We need 4 more forwards. BOTs needs to pick up one player in a trade and sign smart senior but still fast older players short term while AHL team develops and wins Championships. Short term solution, one or two year deals for these vet players. Not looking for stars just solid 3rd line players.

Ristolainen, Rasmus - Keep -If they trade Risto I'm going to go buy a Leafs jersey. He is the best D we have at the moment. Yes, even better than Dahlin for now.
Bogosian, Zach "A" - Keep or Trade if the price is right. Solid D helps our team. 2/4 on D depth.
Sandella, Marco - Trade, if the price is right. He's OK as a 4/6 D
Montour, Brandon - Reel him in offensively. Make him play D first. Gamble only occasionally. Could be 3/6 depth player next year
McCabe, Jake - Keep. He's somewhere in the 3 to 6 D range
Pilut, Lawrence - AHL - Hit the gym and get some size
Dahlin, Rasmus - Someone needs to un-Housley him. The mistakes he makes I can't count.
Borgen, William - Has potential. Maybe for next year
Nelson, Casey - Yep - Keep

Things actually look OK on D IMO despite our GAA. Its Housley (case in point Lehner in NYI same SV% as Hutton this year, goes to NYI to be one of the best in NHL) and bad goaltending. We one goalie anyway.

Hutton, Carter - Keep. Only goalie we have. .910 SV% is not good enough but best we have. With a Defense first Coach he will be better.
Ullmark, Linus - AHL - This experiment has been a failure. Below average goalie. Very slow in lateral movement. How does and NHL goalie get beat on a wrap around so many times?
Sign another backup, give Hutton the heavier load.

Probably the best thing would be to sell the team to Seattle and give us the expansion franchise. We'd probably be further ahead.

Frustrated Sabres Fan here. Been patient but I just needed to vent.
Forum: NHL TradesAug. 2, 2018 at 8:21 p.m.