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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rantric25</b></div><div>I'll admit the return is underwhelming. Yes, we retain his rights but at the same time other GM's know about our draft pick situation and our cap situation. We will take every pick and dollar we can get. We've been known to give up a lot and not get much back over the last couple years.

Colton is a good, young 3/4th liner. I don't feel his potential is any more than that. Yes, he is a good EV strength forward, finishes his chances mostly, and draws penalties all the time. You have to remember he's also playing against other 3/4th line guys, so take his on-paper stats with a grain of salt. He's not effective on the PP and doesn't play on the PK. He's not great defensively either.

Killorn is much more proven in the playoffs than Colton and has been a cornerstone on and off the ice for this franchise for years. Great on the PK, finishes just as well if not better than 79, and is playing against the other teams' best guys. Longest tenured Bolt, I find it more likely JBB tries to bring Killer back than Colton.</div></div>

TB doesn't give a F*** about picks right now
JBB after TDL interview.
"I knew the probabilities of picks and at soonest they'll help us win 2-3 years from now. I'd rather have the good player to win now and will do everything in my power to do so ." Does a 3 and 6 help TB Winnie more than Colton F*** NO. Killorn just as Palat is gone seasons end so losing Colton now would be boarder line GM malpractice.this is a delusional return.
He's just a 3rd 4th liner is completely garbage analysis of his play. He would have been top 6 on 25 teams this year.
Colton over the last 2 seasons 1.14 goals per 60
Playing with 3/4th liners compared to say
Tavares. 1.12
Kubalik .9
Marchand 1.16
Panerin 1.00
He may be the most underrated player on CF. If you actually look at his scoring to PP TOI it's good as a part time 2nd pp guy he was 5th on the team in op goals narrative debunked.