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I was born, until I died, then reborn as the Phoenix :).
Forum: Ottawa SenatorsNov 20, 2017 at 6:16
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DragonRaptorHybrid</b></div><div><div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daoloth</b></div><div>Shame I always thought he was a decent player then he just sorta vanished or went away. Not sure if he will just retire or has a contract where keeps getting set on exempt list or whatever. I had wondered where he was but not a real fan of watching Senators games :). I remember after 1st period of Rangers game the announcers or whatever said this is why Ottawa has empty seats their style of play... One guy called them the Rodney Dangerfield of the NHL... Duche seems to be taking shots but can't score a goal, must be cursed, maybe Mac can talk to him :). Sometimes I wonder if they fail the player on the physical to get cap relief even if they could perhaps still play. I remember when Clarkson was big deal on Devils taking many shots each game on goal only to get that huge contract then suddenly fail physical etc...</div></div>Amazing, how only about 1/3 of that block of text was about Clarke MacArthur.</div></div>

While your negative trolling attacking reply just mentions his name without anything other than insulting me... See people like you are why these forums are so dead in many cases... There still posts from July or whatever as the last message since nobody wants to bother... All my posts some asshole just takes 1 or 2 aspects then tries to attack as if they have any credibility... I don't attack people on their posts, I'm sick of **** from people like you or others on here and life... Drop Dead, how is that, Oh I hope Clarke MacArthur manages to play again though its probably best he don't... Happy Thanksgiving...
Forum: NHLNov 20, 2017 at 12:15
Forum: NHLNov 20, 2017 at 4:51
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tadhockey</b></div><div><div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daoloth</b></div><div>

I got this odd gut feeling that Perron will stick around making Neal most likely if one of them are shipped... Vegas could always take a run at Post Season then flip guys rights before the draft or at draft if they don't think they can sign for decent money. Engelland they can probably keep pretty cheap, at his age they probably want to give him 1 year deals not risk him getting hurt or whatever. Garrison probably needs an injury to a team to get him flipped at trade deadline to them. Sbisa can always get Russel money 4M+ if he can keep up his torrid play hehe :). I just wonder how long/much Marchessault will cost them to keep around.

Good Luck in Fantasy Leagues :).</div></div>

I would hate for them to give Sbisa that kind of money. While he hasn't been flat out awful, he definitely has not been good. For Marchessault, I went back and look at his numbers. A lot will have to do with what he scores this year, because outside of that 30-goal season last year, he doesn't have much NHL track record. Assuming he goes on to score ~50 points and 20-25 goals this year, I would expect a contract around 4.5-5 million dollars: less than a player like Ehlers, who's scored more points, but more than a depth piece like Connor Brown.

So seems like the consensus is:
- Garrison (if anyone wants him)
- Merrill (if anyone wants him)
- McNabb
- Neal OR Perron
- Marchessault
- Neal OR Perron
- Sbisa</div></div>

Yeah a lot depends on how much money Marchessault wants, maybe they will try offering him some sorta bridge deal like 2.5-3.5M over two or three years to see if he is for real. Sbisa I kinda hope they ship out instead of expecting him to do well for them again or not get injured. Merrill will be interesting to see if they even tender him an offer since he is set to be RFA that don't fit in much currently. McNabb played almost 20 minutes against the Kings so I think he might stick around... AT worse he is probably a toss up, though not sure they will want to pay him close to 2M or even 1.5M given his current cap hit is around 2M. If they make Post Season they can afford to keep Perron/Neal if they are happy in Vegas. My concern with Marchessault is he is small for a player in the WC, even the CBJ recent signing guy is listed at like 5'8ish which works better in the East than West. Like Kings shipped out Cam for being a bit too small for Jussi, Versteeg was a total bust in LA getting hurt not able to play their system... Yet the Flames style is a better fit for smaller players like him and Johnny Hockey even Theo Fleury or whatever his name was back in day :).

Johansson is getting like 8M who I think only had 1 season of 30 or more goals on CBJ but Nashville wanted to keep him badly. I think its really risky to throw any kind of long term money at March given his size along with limited scoring history though. Recently Sbisa was scratched a few games then they listed him as having an injury or so. That makes me wonder if they plan to keep him or ship him/let walk. Franky the Vegas GM is wacko, taking Emelin then trading him retaining part of his salary passing on better options Montreal had exposed :). Trying to apply logic to insanity isn't going to be easy to have accurate results.
Forum: Ottawa SenatorsNov 20, 2017 at 4:26
Forum: Montreal CanadiensNov 20, 2017 at 4:18
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Blazingbat11</b></div><div>As much as I hate seeing the Habs lose, seeing other teams like EDM or TOR draft franchise players 1st overall, and because of that the teams in general look promising for years to come. I wouldn't mind an off year by the Habs where hopefully they can get lucky with the draft lottery and get Dahlin 1st overall. It would be a breath of fresh air knowing there's another player aside from Price that Habs fans can see night in night out that will show a lot of hope for a contending team. So I'll be happy if they can start winning again, but I wouldn't be too upset if they keep losing. #Tank4Dahlin</div></div>

Yeah my teams don't seem to have the best track record drafting early in 1st round historically either :). Even some later picks Kings taking Forbort over a Tarasenko. In the Brown draft they had like 3 first round picks. Even when they took Drew Doughty they passed on King Karl taking Voynov in second round who was decent for the Cup ruins. I still remember when the Kings took Aki Berg when were really bad, Stamkos went before Drew so that would have been interesting to see him in LA. They lost Thomas Hickey who was a top 5 pick on waivers to the Islanders. Sharks took Faloon or whatever his name, Knights its too early to tell how they did other than speculate.

Oilers had enough shots at 1st overall only to finally get things right with McDavid, Toronto got their big player though still blew that game vs. Boston when were up like 3 goals or whatever it was :). Montreal traded somebody to Tampa who might be elite so that would anger me too. I'm not a big fan of Drouin, they lost Markov so maybe having the D-man they traded over him would fit better. That Price contract makes me think of the Islanders who had Yashin/Dipietro on expensive bad deals. They blew it ditching Luongo, getting Dipietro, finally got things right with Tavares. AS bad as NYI might look at times at least they have him, good luck getting Dahlin :). I'd rather be really bad to have a shot to win lottery than just miss playoffs or lose in 1st round personally.
Forum: Vegas Golden KnightsNov 20, 2017 at 4:10
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hockey_GoDz</b></div><div>that draft was rough 3 absolutely horrid picks/trades/non-trades winnapeg ripped them off thorburn and a 5th and move up from 24th to 13th big time rip!!!!! calgary lost nothing didnt give anything away wow lost a useless ufa 6-7 dman cause he lives in vegas he a alberta native tho what a waste can u say LAZAR pathetic.!!!! and carolina ufa connor bickley for a 5th held by boston so it not even carolinas pick bad bad bad. 2-3 years down the road with all the draft picks maybe. still at least 10 trades need to happen prob 6 at the draft dmen mostly and then other 4 at the trade deadline so im guess 2018 2019 lots of picks coming. ill say 58-64 points this coming year. 28th in the standings</div></div>

While they made mistakes they are on pace for like 94 points with 28th place not seemingly likely :). Maybe Montreal or Buffalo can fight it out for 28th place since it looks like Coyotes got last locked up tight ;). My pick of 11-15 as only person currently is looking pretty good along with my 85-99 points total :). Still only about 25% done with season, lots can happen in other 75%. I was one of the few who seemed to think they would compete for a Playoff spot even after they botched the expansion draft along with having all the goalies issues/overload of left shooting D-men :).

I do agree Flames didn't lost anything since he would have probably been easy to sign for no compensation if lives in Vegas anyways. There were a few teams who got off really easy, even picking Methot... When they could have got some draft pick for him then taken Wideman who can chip in 3-5 goals or more from right shooting D-man with some upside perhaps. Garrison when should have taken Kristers the goalie to give them a bit of depth even if its in the minors. Sure Tampa would have shipped them Garrison in that deal if they wanted him just to shed his 4.6M :). I really think its like that movie Major League sometime only the GM tried to make sure the team didn't win only to have a coach/manager overachieve despite the lack of certain players or talent :).
Forum: NHLNov 20, 2017 at 4:04
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tadhockey</b></div><div><div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>krakowitz</b></div><div>tadhockey, would you be interested in joining the GM Game?</div></div>

It would have to be the right situation, where I was not relied on to do much. I'm currently playing a couple other fantasy games, and my biggest one is about to start. Furthermore, the rest of my commitments from January thru most of April make it much harder for me to follow the NHL.

In terms of contracts, I agree, Marchessault is most likely a stay; he's been extremely good, is a decent age, and is capable of both center and wing. At least one of Garrison/Sbisa should be gone, and I think they'd be foolish to not trade Neal and/or Perron. That being said, I could see them keeping at least one of the two forwards and signing them to an extension, and I can also see them keeping Sbisa and making a (questionable) move to retain him. I also expect Engelland to stay, even though he likely continues to be Theodore's anchor.</div></div>

I got this odd gut feeling that Perron will stick around making Neal most likely if one of them are shipped... Vegas could always take a run at Post Season then flip guys rights before the draft or at draft if they don't think they can sign for decent money. Engelland they can probably keep pretty cheap, at his age they probably want to give him 1 year deals not risk him getting hurt or whatever. Garrison probably needs an injury to a team to get him flipped at trade deadline to them. Sbisa can always get Russel money 4M+ if he can keep up his torrid play hehe :). I just wonder how long/much Marchessault will cost them to keep around.

Good Luck in Fantasy Leagues :).
Forum: The BoxNov 19, 2017 at 11:33
While it was a real tough call I had to go with Good, he hasn't done anything positive for the NFL especially in new rules... Like a catch is isn't a catch even if guy takes 4 steps after he catches ball or other BS... The extra point I don't like at all, changing other rules or the kickoff and OT... He botched every off field issue from Ray Rice to Tom Brady, Ezekial Elliot, letting Vick come back into the league, the anthem BS alienating fans... Not fining teams or players according to rules... Playing lawyer BS with saying well it only said shall not must, so Though Shall Not Kill I guess is just a suggestion not saying don't kill people or its illegal or wrong too... Guy like him has only hurt the league where it matters, making it where can't even enjoy the rigged BS they claim is a sport. It would be hard to do worse than him, even if hired a drunken blind and deaf bum from streets :)...

Bettman is a guy don't like at all, though least I can think of some positives he did like delay of game penalty for flipping puck out... Some like the OT format, some other changes or things done under his reign... I'm thinking he was there when got rid of the 2 line pass rule... I didn't like how he handle players like the Sean Avery sloppy seconds comment he has all this BS, yet Duncan Keith commits assault to point of life changing with Jeff Carter only to barely get anything? HE should have been thrown in jail, suspended least for end of the post season or the series with Kings. Players in general getting unfair punishments depending who they are or know if not for team they play with under him. Granted for TV he hasn't been great, having NHL on Outdoor Network, NHL network not standard compared to say NFL... The annoying ads on the glass or ice during games that often block the fans when doing the digital on the boards. I'm not a fan of having netting up which makes it look blurry or hard to see some games on TV or certain angles. I see lots of empty seats watching Ducks vs. Kings game or recent Carolina vs. Islanders from flipping channels... Senators couldn't even sell tickets for eastern conference final they had a chance to win over Penguins...

I like Bettman giving Vegas an expansion team over Quebec City or some other bad options... I'm skeptical how Houston would do if they got the next team, I'd like to see Seattle doing well... Though Mexico should get a team even if Coyotes move there if want to see NHL last for the long haul. A Mexican NHL team might seem comical to many, Cabo San Lucas, or other areas could be ideal locations over say Mexico City :). They are family orientated, bringing 3-5 generations of family just to a doctor visit for example... So even if get 1 family member interested they will often drag others who will at least attend games/buy some gear. Given the changing demographics I think if could become popular in Mexico it would help fill the seats better than trying to expand into China to compete with KHL there or Europe. I'm not holding my breath about seeing NHL on ESPN again, don't feel its doing well with NBC or whoever partner is. Often they don't show any games to play curling instead, unless get some ice package or whatever its really slim to none depending where live... When I was growing up I had great hockey on TV from sports channel West Coast showing teams like Kings and Sharks... Then had the East Coast version of Sports Channel that played Islanders and Devils... Rangers were on MSG then so that was another channel would have to buy almost like a PPV level. I think early Wrestlemania along with other events was on there even UFC back in day.

Baseball seemed to do well with World Series having Houston win for 1st time... Only MLB to make World Series for NL and AL... Milwaukee made it twice in AL if recall but lost before moving to NL :). Basketball I don't like its so rigged its not funny :). Its fine for those into fantasy sports since has better payouts than NHL... I like how NBA forces players to actually respect the country and anthem. They a bit off the rails with their off the court dress codes or some other aspects though perhaps :).
Forum: NHLNov 19, 2017 at 11:18
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>I Imagine Grub would get a little less than Talbot or Jones got. IMO those two were and are better players. Grub has some decent stats but also played on the best regular season team these past 5 years. Antti Niemi would have all star stats playing for WSH too.

Not saying he isn't good just not as good as those two which I think Caps fans think he is. I think a 2nd rounder is the best they could get. Maybe if Grub was playing well this season he could get a 1st but as of right now, no.</div></div>

Yeah it might be hard to even get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him depending on players... Kings seemed to get more when they shipped out Ben Scrivens than Ben Bishop who had a better history. Even the trade when they got Bishop was like Budaj going to Tampa among other minor stuff... His numbers are not that great right now, maybe they can get a Matt Frattin then ship him for a Gaborik who helped spark Kings to 2nd or last Cup ;)... That Jones deal was brutal shipping out Miller who was fastest skater/hardest shot right shooting AHL all star D-man doing decent for Vegas. Hard to say who did worse in the Jones trade Boston shipping him to SJ or the Kings to Boston. Coyotes could use a goalie, few other teams, I don't think Vegas is as interested as people speculate though. I'm still trying to figure why they even signed Pavelec who never liked as a starter much less backup so who knows what GMs will do in reality :).
Forum: NHLNov 19, 2017 at 11:10
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tadhockey</b></div><div>Obviously, this is still a tad early: Vegas has only played 19 games this season, so they could still fall out of the race. However, with each passing game, they look more and more like a team that could seriously be a playoff team in the Pacific division. Right now, their lineup looks like some derivative of this:
Perron - Haula - Neal
Marchessault - Karlsson - Smith
Leipsic - Eakin - Tuch
Nosek - Bellemare - Carrier

Schmidt - Sbisa
Hunt - Miller
Theodore - Engelland


With this team succeeding, a question few asked before the season: which of their pending UFAs do they attempt to keep, and which do they move at the trade deadline?</div></div>

Well so far I was only person to vote for them to have 85+ to 100 points in poll I did in their forum before team even existed... Also figuring they would land in the 11-15 spot in another poll in there... So unless they are not in the top 3 of the Pacific I don't expect them to make any trades that would weaken them... Likely they will try to ship out Garrison who is buried in the minors, deals like that, maybe trade Sbisa since McNabb is younger with a lower money value... Forwards rotate in/out at times, maybe Neal would get traded though in a deal to improve them getting a quality right shooting D-man to help out Miller since Engelland is only other right shot they got back there.

Kings just got whipped by Vegas, Quick let up like 3 goals on 9 shots so they had to throw Darcy back in. If not for the goalie injuries they would really be in great shape... STill they on pace for about 48 wins with 94ish points, so figure getting the 88 I picked is fairly possible in actual reality :). The younger players on those lists likely will stay, maybe if guy is 28-30+ they would have less LTR for team. None of those goalies seem like will get traded unless Fleury is shipped for his injury issues etc. Though don't think any sane team would take his contract including the Coyotes :). Would be great if Vegas wins Pacific Division with Kings getting shaky while other teams have own issues like Sharks not scoring, Ducks injuries, Flames being a bit up/down while Canucks seem like might start dipping...
Forum: New York IslandersNov 19, 2017 at 5:49
Forum: Montreal CanadiensNov 17, 2017 at 5:12
Forum: San Jose SharksNov 15, 2017 at 10:01
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DarylthePony</b></div><div>To TBL:
Brent Burns (Sharks retain 20% of Burns contract)

Jonathan Drouin
Brayden Point
1st round pick 2018
2nd round pick 2019
3rd round pick 2018</div></div>

I don't think Sharks would want to retain any of his salary besides they are in win now mode with a small window still if any... Way Burns is going this year with like no goals in nearly 20 games his value is probably a lot lower... Though later in season having Heed who can play on PP eating up 18ish minutes more or less a night... Braun who can play 20+, it should allow Burns to get less ice time but have more energy instead of fading as season goes... It don't look like he will be getting 20-30 goals this year unless he suddenly explodes... I'd not be surprised to hear he has a shoulder injury or something along those lines. Lots can use a right shooting D-man who can even play forward at an elite level so sure there is a market. Buffalo would probably take his contract intact to keep him trapped there so he can't escape before some other teams :). Seems most think they will trade Evander Kane at some point. Islanders could trade Tavares for Brent Burns with some other players/picks thrown in if they feel they can't keep him. Really expecting BB will end this career wearing the Teal or those awful black wanna be Kings jerseys if they wear them again :). Coming off the Norris things were looking really good for him, Johanson or so on Nashville had like no goals with an 8M cap hit so there lots of expensive contracts floating around ;).
Forum: NHLNov 15, 2017 at 9:55
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>krakowitz</b></div><div>I would put this in the Capitals forum, but I'm the only one that's ever in those, so I'll post this here instead lmao.

What do you feel Grubauer's potential and trade value is? He's put up fantastic numbers in the backup role with the Caps, although we've had some fantastic defensive teams in the past. I feel like he can end up being a solid starter for another team in a couple years, and could bring a late first round pick in return at the draft. My opinion probably has some bias in it, so I'm curious as to what some other people think about him.</div></div>

Well if more people used the team forums it would probably help activity there instead of cramming it all in a few areas of the board... I"m thinking they will probably try to trade him unless they want him for Post Season insurance... Vegas is too stupid to trade for him, he might actually have a save percentage .900 or above so that rules him out there :). Montreal already has enough money sunk into Price even if he probably will get about 1M per game played at his current rate hehe... I'm not sure if Calgary or Vancouver would move for him, Coyotes can't do much worse in net, I'd imagine they would rather ship him to Western team to avoid any issues... Dallas Stars perhaps if they think he is a backup since they like paying a lot for their goalies :). I don't see him going to the Wild, maybe Edmonton can trade Milan Lucic for him that worked out well for Kings when shipped Jones to Boston then they flipped to San Jose :).

He would probably net at least a 2nd or 3rd rounder if it was purely picks. Hard to trade goalies often for any value... Devan Dubnyk was like a cold or flu nobody wanted before he found the right situation. Colorado could use a goalie since Varly is kinda pricey to compete for a starting role. I wish him well regardless of where he goes, he took a smaller contract to get his freedom after this year which shows he is a good team player and person.
Forum: NHL TradesNov 15, 2017 at 9:50
You can't Go Home Again... I'd say Oilers won getting a guy on pace for half as many points as games played who maybe could score 20-30... While Kings get a guy with 1 point the entire season... I guess the Kings figure he has more size so fits the 3rd/4th line better than Cam did or would... Gaborik is a few weeks away so he can take his PP time if he returns as expected though it seems like a Raw Deal :). Jussi has more size so maybe that is an aspect to the deal... I was wondering why the Kings called up Crescenzi if it meant somebody was hurt or under weather still like Kempe. Then he gets a penalty that causes the Kings to lose to Canucks after they had a 2-0 lead... LA isn't scoring enough goals so they ship out somebody who can score that seems really logical to me... I think this is more about Iaffalo being on the top line doing well pushing out Cam who was expected to be more a top 6 than bottom 6 forward.

Congrats to the Oilers they blew up for 8 goals, who knew all this time Jussi was the real problem there ;). Then again it helps to play a team like Vegas who has a goalie in there who don't belong staring too many games straight... Then the backup has a nice .500 save percentage letting in 1 goal on 2 shots hehe :). This helps OIlers who not scored enough with all these articles how Eberle/Hall have more goals or points than any other than McDavid BS :). Way Vegas is dropping like a stone with Kings doing 3 in a row making Budaj look good for only time this season its opening up door for Edmonton to get back into Post Season hopes instead of lottery pick :). I guess Blake isn't happy with one of his own signings so he shipped him for a guy who hopefully can regain the form he had on Penguins in Playoffs or prior to this year on any team he played on :). Cam will probably score 20-30 goals with 30-50 points while Jussi would be lucky to get around 10 goals... Hopefully he is a good player on the PK or does some other things well for LAK or it might be another long season.
Forum: NHL TradesNov 14, 2017 at 4:44
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DoctorBreakfast</b></div><div><div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daoloth</b></div><div>Tampa wins this especially if goalie can regain form he had around 2015 to be a viable backup... He just isn't a starter at this point in his career anyways... Besides Budaj has a save percentage below .900 on a stacked team like Tampa... Now Bolts have 2 goalies under contract for around 1Mish for next year to give them solid backup or ship out Budaj who is in his mid 30's... I'll not be surprised to see Budaj flipped in a deal or sent down to the minors if they feel the younger guy is a better fit... Though if he can play in AHL he will be sharper if they need to call him up depending on the type of contract he has. While its akin to winning a $2 dollar scratch off when spent a dollar it still double your money :). Coyotes realize they are not winning anything except maybe the draft lottery so are going into full tank mode... I was never a fan of the goalie Tampa shipped out, maybe he is AHL level but don't think he will ever pan out in NHL even as a backup...

Good Deal for Tampa trying to secure 1st Cup... Budaj might be great at times in regular season but never got it going quite right in the Post Season... So least if their stud starter gets hurt they got a better chance to win with Dominigue in Playoffs :).</div></div>

Tampa has already won a Cup.</div></div>

Gelinas along with the Calgary Flames were cheated and robbed :)... Though I simply made a type since I'm dyslexic it happens pretty often :). I think I meant to say "its" Cup or "The Cup" instead of 1st... OR maybe was saying trying to secure 1st as in placement along with the cup but left out words from wireless keyboard losing its signal or distracted watching Heathcliff :)... Haha thats funny though, I had to reread what wrote without any memory of typing the 1st Cup thing so :). I even read your reply as Tampa has always won the cup at first... I got some sty in my left eye so the medication makes things a bit blurry in the eye/lid area.

Tampa should have more than 1 Cup if not for injuries at the wrong time... So hopefully if its them this year they are not playing the Kings or Sharks so I can enjoy their victory :). I think they had a good team back when they won though them missing out on a season really hurt the chances of a repeat... I'm lagging a bit so maybe I deleted/retyped something then didn't realize it... when dyslexic can read something wrong 5 or more times in a row without realizing it at times... Then got the hounds playing Game of Bones in background makes it hard to focus :).