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Forum: The BoxJul. 13, 2019 at 5:48 a.m.
I'm writing this since somebody younger might read this who has a problem akin to mine related to being severely dyslexic :). I smile since that word is really hard for somebody like me to type :)... Its very frustrating making all these typos, often using a crappy wireless keyboard/laggy... So words or sentences might appear totally wrong or things are left out. I got some message logging in saying something, I thought I typed "Take Care Later" but it was "Take Care Loser"? When people read they look at the first letter/last letter of a word... So when typing later or loser it can look exactly like the word are thinking or intending only to have a totally different word show up... Normal people look at that thinking how could a person make a typo that blatant or not see it? I can read something 10-20 times or more wrong at times or even take a day or hours to finally realize if ever... I know somebody quoted something on here where I said Tampa Bay Won when was trying to say how were 1st President Trophy team to get swept... I wouldn't of had any clue what he was talking about if he didn't bold the area... Even then it took me a fair amt of time/effort to manage to see it if at all :)... Even then I'm not sure I was able to edit it properly... I passed the keyboard specialist test for NY, I get blinded by all these whit screens or backgrounds... So it makes it harder to read properly even when thinking are...

I wasn't on here for a while partly from people trolling me or trying to irk me... Going out of their way to troll me, replying to posts attacking me... All these little things, then when react or stand up for myself they use that as excuse to cry to some admin or whatever. Even not logging on here for over a year I still had posts as the most active or last post in certain forums or more than I should. This is like the top site when it comes to salary cap or related issues... So I think if people created a better environment it would benefit the site getting it recognition it deserves... I just don't understand why other forums on here are not more active... I was teased my entire life, tormented, I had speech problems/reading... ON way to school entire bus would say teven, since I couldn't say S or my name etc... So all sorts of things like that, not once in my life did any admin or anybody in authority every step in or do a damn thing... So they can all rot, I don't view any who are in that roll as being decent in general... I been a Sysop, ran systems since 300 baud modem/250+ users on at once including MUDS... I never forgot where I came from, I was fair, didn't play favorites or abuse power or anything.

I've had police show up at my house over typos or things wrote on-line claiming all this BS. I really try to just avoid people, I even replied to the thread not directly at people when came back... Figuring I would just say how felt, not really look around or react. AT least 1 person that I recall from prior did seem to oddly reply to me... Saying OK to a message that had nothing to do w/ them in reply to a totally different person :)? Its good to try to socialize when have PTSD other things, so don't become isolated where start hating people or the world. I hope people feel encouraged to participate on here even if they have difficulty reading or writing. I think about deleting my account at times since people really hate me in general... Like they go out of their way or unrelated things... I think its bad for me often, I should enjoy talking about hockey or to others... There are some who give me really nice replies or say cool things that I think make it worth the effort. I got nerve damage, had C5-C7 neck fusion, so it makes it really hard to type or read right :). I was so upset by horrible trade of Vegas moving Miller or I don't know if I would have ever logged in again... I had a dog who had tumors in his spleen, they told me he would only have a few days/a couple times but he lived over 13 months... Then sometime after that another dog was at Vet 11 days... Telling me how they think she has tumors in chest/stomach... Wanted to cut her open to look... I suggested ultrasound/turned out she ate part of cotton/poly sheet, even swallowed some pitch fork from Loofa toy that she managed to throw up at Vet... Since had synthetic fibers she couldn't expel or throw up the sheets she ate... So try to get cotton/natural fibers if have any pets/dogs would be my free save 6K on operation to remove advice... She was depressed, other beagle, so eventually got another dog... Then he started eating part of couch/sheets/walls, didn't really have much time to come on here or anything.

I had communicated w/ the guy who ran CapGeek... I used to love that site, even if he wrongly listed Toffoli was a Center who had like 3 career faceoffs at time :)... Even won rookie of year in AHL I think playing RW hehe. The guy that ran it replied to my email, he stuck by his wrong view though :). I was doing fantasy at time so was just mad at him... Since sites would list him as Center over Wing making it hard to do the restricted lineups. It was clearly wrong, I wish this site would list RS or LS for their defense instead of wrong listing many as RD/LD who don't even play that side. I think hockey is bad for me in general its expensive if my team wins or sad if they don't ;). I always have anxiety when anybody replies to me... I'm afraid to even look at their reply since its always expected to be negative or an attack :). If I'm taking a while to reply, its probably because of the anxiety to even read or react :). Also other things going on in life, they wont give me medication they gave last month for my rear :)? Suddenly they claim something from 2005 is showing up :)? So then I gotta get proof about something 15 years ago :)? Yet if I want to get my refill I could use the card that expired in 2006 :)? I started on 300 baud modems, I hate this computer culture/world.... Its just not for me, try to sleep all can/rest if dyslexic it can help to a degree ;). I can't even get a picture to work when I tried to make them on here so just gave up ;).

I just hope I'm still around to mock Seattle or do a draft depending on what they name team :). I'm having a lot of trouble reading/writing so wanted to let people know why. I could blame it on auto correct or other things too ;). There some cool people on here who I had fun talking to or seeing them in general... I just wont name them since they would be tainted by associating w/ somebody like me :). I don't want to drag anybody else down to the Abyss. I wish I bought some Blu-Rays before they became out of print or unable to get for decent price ;). Congrats to any Blues fans who read this for finally winning Cup after getting swept in 3 of them :). I want the legend of Tim Thomas to be the last goalie to ever win for Bruins :)...
Forum: Site DiscussionJul. 13, 2019 at 4:59 a.m.
Forum: NHLJul. 13, 2019 at 4:57 a.m.
I was wondering what favorite list of current NHL teams are... I only have 5 teams I'd probably buy merchandise related to if they won a Stanley Cup. Kings, Knights, Sharks, Islanders, Jets... In general I don't get merchandise from other teams with a few exceptions like hats/keychains/pucks.
Favorite Teams Overall
1. LA Kings
2. Vegas Knights
3. San Jose not LA Sharks :)...
4. New York Islanders
5. Winnipeg Jets
6. Dallas Stars
7/8 Tied Devils/Avalanche

After that maybe a team like Tampa... I remember them as expansion team... I liked the black uniforms, had a friend who was big fan that would wear gear/jerseys etc ;). If anybody else wants to give a top 10 list or any amt of teams I'd be interested to know :). I really liked Jay Pandolfo for some reason he was a favorite player of mine... I got a #39 Jeff Friesen jersey so was glad to see him win w/ Devils ;). I grew up w/ NY/California Sports Channels for any wondering why the odd split. I prefer Western Conference/hockey vastly over the Eastern style of play though. I used to watch all the playoffs as a kid... WAs big fan of Bob Essensa the Shut Out King among others on Jets :). I like Minnesota North Stars/Modano on STars/Belfour... Avalanche I know shafted Kings when I think they had chance to maybe get a cup prior to 2012 ;). There was just something about them, hard to explain, certain teams or players I had on fantasy keeper leagues like Hejduk from start of his career :). Usually I root against any original 6 team, will pull for Western Conference often. I liked the Penguins in the old EA NHL games so was into them during that Super Mario former Oilers/Kings period to a degree :).
Forum: NHL SigningsJul. 13, 2019 at 4:46 a.m.
Forum: NHL SigningsJul. 13, 2019 at 4:43 a.m.
Forum: NHL TradesJul. 13, 2019 at 4:17 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>FlyersFan28</b></div><div>Well to be fair in February, when everyone looked at the trade it was a fair deal for both sides. Now going back and looking at it after everything that has happened it is obvious the Rangers won. But you can't judge the people who thought the Jets won this trade as silly because they obviously could not have predicted what happened. They were just going off of what was occurring at the time of the actual trade</div></div>

I only said those who voted that JEts won were silly nothing related to those who voted it as a fair trade... "Shows how silly people are who voted for jets..." So those that thought it was a fair deal then or now I didn't speak about. I'm biased so I liked the Rangers in this trade... They were supposed to be rebuilding... GEtting a younger guy who would be RFA instead of UFA who was 1st round pick of Chicago that they signed for nothing... Media reports were making it seem Hayes wanted like 5/6M or too much money for Rangers looking at his stats/last contract... I had always wanted the player Rangers got during draft or in general... I was glad JEts had him so kinda bummed they traded him... I always thought Hayes was decent, felt he would be better than Duclair who many cried about when they traded him for Yandle...

Thanks for taking time to make first post on here related to me :). I always liked this move for Rangers then, especially now :). I think Hayes is good though, just not 7M+ a season cap hit kinda money. I was hoping it would work out better for Jets in playoffs having Hayes... I really didn't think that helped the team that much losing player they traded to get him... Then the off season Jets had they wont have to worry about winning cup as any conditions on a trade for a while :).

I read this a bit wrong... Anyways even back then I still thought they were silly since I thought player they traded was as good/better w/ higher potential/upside than Hayes... I could see how back then people voted it to be a fair deal though. EVen now somebody can think it was a fair deal. I like Jets so wasn't happy when they traded away Lem for this dude... I like Hayes so hoped it would pan out, maybe if they beat Blues they win the cup but I Doubt it :). Hayes was probably going to be a rental since he was due as UFA... Jets likely were not going to be able to sign him... So only way Jets would win the trade in theory is if they get a Cup or at very least retained Hayes for a decent cap hit... Given their history, how Stastny walked it wasn't probably going to happen...

I'm sorry I read the reply bit wrong to start off... It looks worse now, yet even then I think it was pretty silly to think JEts won... Those who voted Rangers or even fair deal... I can see that, since they might have thought JEts would win cup at time of trade... Yet they had to pretty much expect Hayes to walk as UFA, while guy traded is RFA making things better for team to keep. This is kind of a Boom/Bust type deal, considering how Jets lost many key players this season already :(... Thanks for taking time to reply to me of all the people on here as 1st post... Good Luck w/ Hayes on Flyers too :)...
Forum: NHLJul. 11, 2019 at 12:44 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DoctorBreakfast</b></div><div>So you're assuming that just because Turcotte is going to college and that LA is on the downswing he's not going to sign with LA? Get real. A player with his talent won't stay in college for 4 years just to avoid signing with LA. He'll play 1, maybe 2 years in college. Vilardi was a great pick at the time, but no one foresaw his injury history. Of course you're going to have to wait a while for Turcotte, pretty much every team has to wait a while for their picks to become NHL ready. LA likely wasn't going to get an NHL ready player at 5th overall. Also, you say Hughes/Kakko/Byram were considered real deal players by most? Guess what...nearly everyone considered Turcotte the real deal too. He was consistently ranked in the top 3-4. McLellan is an excellent coach, I don't know what you're talking about. He was given a crap roster in Edmonton and was fired so the Chiarelli could save his job a little while longer. For Vegas, like I said, Krebs is good value based on where he was picked. You don't draft based on need, you take the best player available. And even if Vegas did draft for need, there wasn't a RHD available that wouldn't be considered a reach at 17th overall.

Broberg and Cozens are not NHL ready just because they're big, despite what you may think. You're delusional if you think that you can get an impact player right now with anything but a top 3 pick. There are only about 3 players that come out of the draft that can make a sizable impact in the NHL the next year. The fact that you think the lottery was "rigged" is telling enough about how you think things work. It's absolutely not rigged, or else they wouldn't give teams like Edmonton and New Jersey multiple 1st overall picks so close together.</div></div>

First of all being the troll you are... This post was asking for emotional reaction not logic or reason... Talking about how feel about draft... So I'll explain to those who might read this how I'd have liked or felt happier...

For starters if Knights had to pick in that slot I would have been happier if they took the D-man Hurley who I think went 18th to Stars... I would been optimistic if they traded to get ahead of Florida to draft Spencer Knight... So they were trading guys like Miller/Haula to get under cap anyways... So why not package that in deal to move up to get a potential franchise goalie... Reality is nobody is going to trade w/ Vegas who alienated many GMs... Even if a team is trading they are going to try to rip them off/get over compensation... They can pay Reaves 3M but can't afford to pay Gusev 2-4M at forward... They got nothing on Defense unless sold on Whitecloud or somebody who hasn't played... That said they got like 18M wrapped up on guys who form the worst blueline in the NHL without any real upside or potential for a Norris...

Kings taking Turcotte at 5th will bust for them, I was hoping they would get the D-man, DAch, or take the Russian Vancouver took at like 10th... Why well he was expected by many to go in top 5 of early drafts... HE also gives them pretty much unlimited time to hold his rights... The 2nd rated European player when they took Vilardi who was ranged 4th for European Skaters the same as Turcotte... In the Vilardi draft I think the 2nd rated European player on wiki won the Calder last year for Vancouver... So basically Kings took Vilardi at 11th who was ranked the same as guy they just took 5th who will probably never play for them... Even if he does he is under 6 feet, too small for the west or Kings system in general... So maybe its another Camalari or O'Sullivan... Either way I'm not sold, they took Brayden Schenn 5th as last guy I remember in that slot... Other gems in top 5 for LA include Aki Berg and Hickey... I don't trust anybody Kings take in 1st round given their draft history...

Sharks didn't have much to work with or Islanders really... Jets another team I like well I'll just let people look at their great trades involving Trouba/Hayes/Lem heh... I watch The HOckey Guy so I know what all the people were rated to be taken in the draft by just about every site... He had a guy on for his live stream that is a scout who didn't like the Kings pick at 33 who was touted as a 1st rounder by many... So lets see you want to argue about my emotion or how I felt or should feel? That is what we call insanity in something we live in called reality :)...

YOur a 100% wrong about him having to stay 4 years... Kings gotta sing him by I think it was 2023... Again 100% wrong about everything including Vilardi who dropped because of the injury concerns in the first place much like Krebs at 17... I'll bet 15K that Turcotte never pans out for the Kings or plays for more than 3-5 years making any sorta impact ;). Jack Johnson was drafted by another team then had rights traded to Kings... I sign players out of college like Iafallo instead of wasting a top 5 draft pick... Again Kings should have traded out of the 5th slot instead of taking Turcotte especially if teams think he has any value... YOur own idiotic statements show I'm right 100%... BAsically 3-5 years maybe Turcotte will play? Kings paying 21M for 2 players in Kopitar/Drew Doughty shouldn't be waiting 5 years for a guy to finally be worth something or make an impact. So they either trade them or try to get some players... My team came in w/ 2 1st round picks but the rigged lottery system whose rules changed since the start to let them give picks to the teams they wanted netted the Kings 0 instant impact players... All the players taken ahead of Turcotte will probably be better much like Glass who Vegas took when they had 3 first round picks...

You think McLellan is an excellent coach? The guy who couldn't win w/ some of the best NHL teams ever in history on Sharks or do much w/ McDavid :)? YOu clearly don't know hockey or saw hims mismanage the Sharks up 3-0 against Kings... don't even comment on me as it relates to coaches as you clearly have no clue... So Colorado at 4th getting an impact player is insane who would probably have played for the Kings right away if not Avalanche this year? YOu really need to get some mental help since have an over inflated ego that is ready to explode :). 5th pick won the Calder this year for Vancouver didn't he ;)? Maybe he was 4th pick, Mariner is a 4th overall pick BTW idiot but people talk about paying him max salary compensation on offer sheet :)? YOu didn't even mention Seider, at least Cozens got a thumb injury to have an excuse ;).

Montreal most 1st overall picks w/ 5...
Oilers got 4 1st overall picks... like 3 in a row, then another for McDavid so about 40% of the last 10 years was picked by them... I know its rigged, the rules have changed since 1995 to let them rig it even more. I could break it down but its pretty blatant to anybody w/ 3 digits in their IQ... You are about 2 digits short so don't worry :)... BTW you managed to make me feel even worse about the draft than I did :).
Forum: NHLJul. 11, 2019 at 12:27 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mondo</b></div><div>not sure about your rational for no one wanting to play in california. most of the california nba teams will be powerhouses next year.</div></div>

Ummm Sacramento Kings have a lot of super teams winning Championships?? Clippers have a lot of Championships with all these super teams? Without being rude like many on here... There is a lot of prestige to play for the Lakers back in the day... Kings, Ducks, Sharks, maybe when Kings first went Silver/Black everybody was wearing the jerseys/rappers etc... Its a lot easier to play in NBA making like 30 million a year or whatever the insane salary is... They get contracts for hundreds of millions then more money advertising... So playing for a NBA team that has a lot of prestige is a big difference over the location... Lakers only California team I can think of winning anything or that had any real profile players that is gone now...

Maybe some would play for teams like Rangers, Maple Leafs, Montreal, basically the original 6 or high profile teams... That would equate to how they do it in NBA for teams that had a lot of it... I think Boston Celtics back in the Larry Bird days... Who is really going to shell out big bucks for somebody advertising who plays for Disney Ducks or Sharks who never won anything :)? Kings are in LA so maybe that would seem like a place to be but they lack the high profile prestige... Not many if any like the Kings or care about any of the California teams as a total fan base... MOst of them are front runners if they even show up to the games that they leave early for ;).
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