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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HawksFan28</b></div><div>Gagner was in a similar situation as Perron is now, however none of that changes the fact that this year is clearly an anomaly (like with Gagner).... He hasn't scored 50 points in 5 years. Who knows, perhaps a GM is stupid enough to give him 5x5 but that would be a major risk - a risk most GM's wouldn't take. I mean I just cant see any GM's being stupid like that. The logical thing to do would be to offer Perron a 1 year deal - 2 years max, see if he can repeat his success and if he can THEN you give him a longer term teal.. That's how I would approach the situation... I mean if Perron was 5 years younger like William Karlsson then absolutely you give him a 5x7 - no problem but at 30, yea that's a bit of a risk - you're better off taking it one year at a time.

As far as Vegas - they have a lot of guys that have had career years, do you think they're interested in giving all of these guys raises? did they plan for that? probably not, which is why I'm curious myself... What does Vegas do? look at who up for raises at the end of the year; Perron, Neal, Grabovski, Sibisa &amp; Karlsson.... I mean several of those guys are getting major raises - especially Karlsson, so the question is does Vegas have the $$$ to sign these guys or what? I mean you can bet Vegas expected to miss the playoffs so they took those guys expecting to be able to use them at TDL trade bait to get more picks and prospects ... You can bet going into this season they had ZERO intent on resigning them....

So with that said who really knows what any of those guys are going to do, who knows if Vegas even plans to keep them around, I mean Vegas is in a position they certainly weren't expecting and certainly weren't planning for..</div></div>

Did - did you just say Grabovski?
Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 11:39 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HawksFan28</b></div><div>You could ask the same question for any UFA signing on any team.

I don't know what Vegas' plan is - I have wondered the same thing. Does Vegas give all of these guys raises or do they let them walk? because you know a lot of these guys will want raises. Perron is an interesting one. He's had a career year, he's 30 years old and I can't see a GM giving him a 5-7 year deal at 5+ per because that would be insanity. Sam Gagner had a career year last year too, did Columbus re-sign him? no Vancouver did and Gagner took a 30% pay cut to boot, not to mention Gagner is younger.... So who really knows what's in the cards for Perron....

Would it be crazy if he signed in Chicago at 4 million? hell no, Perron is the type of player that Q loves and I could see Bowman making a run for him. Q had to deal with him all those years when he was in St. Louis so Chicago is all too familiar with him and he's familiar with Chicago.

Honestly I put Perron on the team because he would fit nice with the style I was going for and 4 million for Perron is more than reasonable.</div></div>

First off, Gagner had a nice season but it was only 50 points. Not even close to comparable with Perron's what 60+ points so far, in a season with 10-15 games still remaining?

Also, when Perron has played the best hockey in his life in Vegas, I doubt he would want to move. I also don't think your claim of a 5x5 contract is insanity; moreso, a one year, 4M contract for a guy coming off a career year is moreso insanity.

I'm sure he would fit in, but I doubt he would move to a team that's now way out of the playoff picture, signing a deal that he could get much more from any other team, especially Vegas.
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