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Over the last little while, I've reflected over my actions and behaviour towards you. I have been complaining a lot over your Trade tactics and style. It frusterated me to the point that I now see how much of a bully I was towards you.

I will continue to disagree regarding the nature of your trade tactics. I am proud, however, that you are being cautious with your trades and aren't making any rash moves. My opinion was that, if you aren't making moves, then semi-close your team. But honestly, considering I have an embargo on you, it's not of my concern. It's of your concern and only yours.

My harrasment towards you as a result as before unfair and uncivilized.

Throughout my entire life, I have been bullied. I'm talking about in real life here. Starting from kindergarten, and it continued and continued. I absolutely hated it. It drived me insane. Heck, in v1 i faced my share of being bullied, whether some choose to believe that or not. I guess to be on that "other side", made me feel good. But it shouldn't, and now I'm starting to feel those effects. Just like I hate it how I got bullied, you just hate how you get bullied. I want to make this clear: I'll stop.

I don't want you to get kicked out of the game. I don't want us to have crazy beef. I don't want you to remember me as some pompous bully.

I've been going through some personal stuff recently that hasn't had me feeling my best recently. And it wasn't right for me to take part of that out on you.

I don't care if certain people wish to call me someone who constantly apologizes and is the biggest cancer to the game. Unlike him, I wish to improve, and to first admit that I did wrong. That's what I'm doing as we speak. At least I am taking action knowing that I have issues that need fixing, and it's best if people support me on that journey, instead of putting me down further.

Therefore, I'm sorry. I really am. You don't have to believe me, id understand why. I'd also understand as to why you would hate me, I have given you that right with my actions. I can only hope we will move on from what's already happened.

Thank you,
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