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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Insanewolf11</b></div><div>Perron and Neal will re-sign with Vegas, Vanek is 34 and will start to get slower and score less, Evander Kane is a toxic teammate, grabner might be the only player here who i would suggest they sign, but as a compliment to JVR on the second line, he could probably be signed around 4 mill. Also Spezza had 26 points last year in 78 games, Dallas needs to dump his salary so they can make some impactful moves this offseason which they desperately need.

<a href="http://www.nhl.com/stats/player?report=skaterscoring&amp;reportType=season&amp;seasonFrom=20172018&amp;seasonTo=20172018&amp;gameType=2&amp;filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&amp;sort=goalsPer60Minutes" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">http://www.nhl.com/stats/player?report=skaterscoring&amp;reportType=season&amp;seasonFrom=20172018&amp;seasonTo=20172018&amp;gameType=2&amp;filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&amp;sort=goalsPer60Minutes</a>

Only 2 full time players last season beat JVR in Goals per 60. Laine and Matthews.</div></div>

Fine, let's suppose that your assumptions are correct (Perron and Neal go back, Vanek slows down, Kane is a toxic player (though some players have proven the media wrong), and Grabner is the only decent player. That right there is enough for me to avoid this whole dump of a trade and go after someone who won't cost me my roster of now and the future.
Also, Stars fans know that Spezza's deal needs to go, there are other ways of losing that contract (Buyout, minor trade with a team that needs a C for a 4th or 5th rd pick)
Lastly, there are other players in the Stars lineup that you did not include that can score goals.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>J_Sand3rs</b></div><div>Stars don't need a defensive upgrade...they were 7th in team defense this season. Signing Carlson makes absolutely no sense for Dallas. By constantly bringing in veteran defensemen, guys like Honka &amp; Heatherington are going to get pushed out of the lineup. Both of these guys have solid NHL potential. We leave Honka as the #7, he's going to go the way of guys like Oleksiak and Nemeth. Both of those guys have had solid years on their new teams AFTER THEY GOT PLAYING TIME. Stars would be so much better off spending money on a 2nd line scorer. Stone would be great, but there are better options on the FA market that aren't going to cost us a good depth guy and our 1st round pick.</div></div>

While just signing Carlson makes no sense, it would work better if Methot was also traded. Carlson would then take his (Methot's) place and it would still leave two spots open (since Hamhuis and Pateryn were not resigned in this scenario) for guys like Honka, Heatherington, Johns, Heiskanen (if you want him in the NHL). That being said I agree that a Defensive upgrade is not needed and a second scoring forward would be better. Think JVR, E.Kane, Neal, Vanek. Stone is nice but like mentioned earlier, there are other good FA options. For the Khudobin signing, looks good to me; personally I like Hutchinson better but Khudobin would be a perfect signing if you think Bow will move up within the next yr or so. Lines are okay, contracts need a few minor tweaks (Janmark 4+yrs, 4+M, Johns 3+yrs 2.5-3M), but overall not bad.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>lavsim96</b></div><div>Would you agree about Faksa being possibly a future Selke candidate?

And why do you not want Vigneault?</div></div>

I would agree with Faksa being a future Selke candidate. He had an amazing year, with a +21 against opposing teams #1 lines.

As for Vigneault, I'll give credit where credit is due. He is 11th in all time wins (648) as an NHL coach in 1216 games. The issues I have with Vigneault is that 1. he has shown (and very recently on NYR) that he does not play the young guys as much as they deserved to be played for that I don't believe he knows how to grow young players into good vets. I don't. Example Pavel Buchnevich Dallas needs that. The Dallas Stars have a lot of promising young talent who at this point in time just need regular minutes in the NHL in order to get better. 2. Over-usage of the vets. Don't get me wrong, vets are experienced, they know what they are doing and superstar vets can decide the game in a hurry. But I don't want to see Spezza (should he not get traded or bought out) playing 20+ mins cuz of his experience and see guys like Smith, Faksa, Dickinson, etc. get 10- mins in return. 3. He never took the blame or the fall for anything. Now saying player X or forwards/defence need to wake up is one thing, but to always be blaming someone and at the end of the year say the coaching staff was the best thing? Not a fan of that. Blaming Lundqvist was not a smart move. Just my two cents.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>J_Sand3rs</b></div><div>You do realize that you have too many players on the roster, and the cap won't jump as high as $82M next season....right?

That in mind, I'm gonna try to break this down piece by piece, so hang with me.

1) Khudobin is fine. I'm perfectly fine with Dallas signing him to be their backup. Brossoit makes no sense though. He's already struggling a lot with Edmonton's farm system. In addition to that, the Stars have a young guy in Bow that could be ready to taste backup duty in a couple of years, and then after him you've got guys like Jake Oettinger and Colton Point that will be knocking on the door of the NHL. I just don't see where Brossoit would fit into our goalie system.

2) Val Nichuchkin is coming back next season, so you'd need to add him to your lineup. That's another $2M+ to add to a team that's already over what the realistic salary cap will be next season.

3) The Stars already have a log jam at defense, and you're adding 4 defensemen to the lineup. Drop all 4 defensemen, and these are the 7 that the Stars SHOULD (and likely will) run out there next season:


That's 7 defensemen, and 7 defensemen that are going to play pretty damn well together.

4) You've got the same issue with the offense. The Stars have a ton of young talent waiting for NHL spots to open up. With Hanzal likely sidelined for the beginning of next season, and Roussel likely not to be brought back, it opens up a couple of slots for guys like Smith, Elie, Dickinson, Hintz, and Gurianov to get full-time spots in the NHL. All of those guys have been great prospects for the Stars. Loading up their roster with depth veterans makes no sense when there are young guys in our farm system that all the potential to be far better than any of those veterans. Oh, and there are only 4 lines of offense...not 5.

5) There's no need to trade off parts of our future (Elie, Dickinson, 1st round pick) for Kreider when there are guys like James Van riemsdyk on the Free Agent market that can be brought in without mortgaging our future.

6) Spezza is not going to waive his NTC for Montreal. And wherever he waives his NTC for, the Stars are still going to have to eat half of his salary just to get rid of him.

7) No need for the Stars to give up a pick for a guys just to play on the PK. Elie, Smith, Benn, or Seguin would all be better options on the PK than McGinn.

8) A lot of your RFA signing are miscalculated. For example, Janmark is going to get at least $3.75M over the next 4+ years.

There are a lot of unnecessary moves here that would make no sense for the Stars. Not to mention the fact that your roster is way too big, as is the total salary of all of these players.</div></div>

What this guy said. Plus u listed in the beginning that Cap Space was a need (in which I don't 100% agree with but was willing to see) and you went and signed 12 players.... and acknowledged that Dallas as (already) a ton of depth. Of the trades, I'm not a fan of any of them. While I would love to have Kreider on this team for the very reason that u listed in the trade, that is still a LOT to give up when the FA has some good options waiting. The other two trades don't make a ton of sense to me but give u a 10/10 for creativity and the attempt. With the lines themselves, this I like. Tho some guys should not be there, with what you created I am okay with the line arrangement.
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Thread: Stars
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>J_Sand3rs</b></div><div>Heiskanen should probably start in the AHL next season, just to get used to North American ice. I agree with 95% of this. I'm one of the few that think Janmark deserves that much money. May be pricy up front, but he'll likely be a $5M+ player by years 4 &amp; 5 of that deal. Only thing I would do differently is that I'd give Gemel Smith the same contract as Heatherington, and I'd put him on the 4th line and do my best to trade Ritchie. Other than that, this is spot on. Shore's contract may be slightly overpriced, but I'm just glad I finally found a scenario on this website that doesn't make me question the intelligence of Stars fans.</div></div>

My exact thought for Heiskanen. Let him play a year in AHL, get use to the flow of play in North America and then when we get an opening from Methot's contract he slides in. TBH I forgot about Gemel Smith even though I thought throughout the season that he did a great job. He would be cheaper than Ritchie and did just as well as Ritchie did this year (Smith 11 pts in 46 GP vs. Ritchie 14 pts in 71 GP). Rithcie would also be fairly easy to move since he is young, and plays the game fairly hard (hits, goes to the net, etc.). The Shore contract I'm okay with IMO because he put up similar numbers as Faksa , and Lindell and they are sitting at $2.2M. Plus I only gave him 2 yrs so (if for some weird reason) cap becomes tight, his contract will be gone and guys like Smith, Hintz, Dickinson, etc. can move into that C position. Glad to hear that you enjoy my scenario and thanks for the comment!