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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Boltsradynasty</b></div><div>Stammer regressing? 106&amp;84 points over the last 2 seasons playing better defensive hockey than in his earlier career. Hedman had a bunch of nagging injuries and had played almost an additional season over the prior 3 playoffs. Schenn was a press box warrior for TB Bogosian in 20 played in more playoff games than Schenn in 20&amp;21 combined. Shattenkirk really?give me Nick Perbix all day.</div></div>

Okay cool you replaced schenn and Shattenkirk.

Who is your replacement for palat/ Killorn/ mcdonagh/ Coleman/ gourde/ goodrow? Hagel/ Jeannot/ sheary are nowhere close to enough.

Tampa doesn’t have the depth no more.

Toronto as much as I hate to say it, is the most dangerous threat in the Atlantic and it’s not really even a competition.

2-4 can literally be almost any team except for Montreal.

Bruins still have the wing depth/ top tier defence/ top of the league tandem

Tampa has top end talent at each position but lacks depth badly

Florida is actually pretty solid all around but can’t stay healthy. Bobrovsky’s inconsistent play could be a problem but assuming knight comes back they should be fine

Buffalo/ Detroit gained a lot of depth this off-season. Only really goaltending and experience could be an issue

Ottawa has a very good top 6 but weaker bottom 6, probably a top 5 top 4 in the league and they have a pretty solid goalie tandem. But inconsistency could be there problem

Either way all of those team could make PO’s I really don’t think Tampa is lock. I don’t think my statement that stamkos and Hedman regressing is far fetched, both are on the wrong side of 30 with injury history.

I expect Tampa not to be just a 1 line offence and split the stammer-point-kuch line to even out scoring which will hinder stammers stats most likely as I see point and kuch being more likely to stick together.
Sergachev also looked much better then Hedman last season, injuries tend to be things that slow players production down and again serg is the future so I expect him to get the better opportunities.
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