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Thread: Kaner
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Garak</b></div><div>Look... I know Lysell and Lohrei rank highly in BOS's prospect pool, but compared to prospects from other teams, they aren't that great. Lohrei would probably never make it high enough in CHI's depth chart to get a real NHL shot, and, unless Lysell can find another level of toughness and compete, he probably tops out as a 3rd line RW on a good team. Then you have a cap dump and what will most likely be a very late 2023 1st round pick.

So, yeah, it might be smarter for BOS to just hang on to what they already have in their system. But if BOS is going into rebuild mode after this season it shouldn't matter a whole lot, because what they currently have in the pipeline is not even close to enough to build the next contending Bruins roster. What would be more important is holding onto that 2023 1st round pick.

Regardless, I'd honestly say CHI declines here. But I also don't think, if BOS is looking to load up at the deadline, that they should be looking at a player like Kane, since they don't really seem to need offense. BOS's current NHL roster doesn't really have any holes or needs outside of maybe acquiring more depth or bottom 6 upgrades, but then BOS has to consider upsetting team chemistry too. Either way, it doesn't really look like BOS will need to make any big splashes at the TDL, so far.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Duggysdanglers</b></div><div>Exactly!</div></div>

I remember when people said Pastrnak wasn’t strong enough or big enough or tough enough to breakout and here we are now.

Lysell’s skating was compared by a scout to only bure and mcdavid. He also carried swedens offence at the WJ and is playing very well in the AHL for it being only his 2nd year on NA ice.

Lysell easily is a top 3 prospect in chicagos pool, lysell was ranked as a top 40 prospect in the NHL by the ATHLETIC
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