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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aecliptic</b></div><div>Its just too much of a windfall to get Eichel. Eichel, who is younger and offensively talented is also poor defensively and on faceoffs. Maybe thats just a mental thing of not giving a fk because hes in Buffalo but as it stands thats the case. Then the Rangers again lack depth at center because they loose Zibanejad. Personally I see it as a lateral move personnel wise which damages us financially.

Maybe the Rangers are thinking. Well, Zibanejad wants a 9.5m-10m contract who will be 29. Eichel already has that money, will be 25 and is equally as good a scorer. Maybe theyre thinking an intentional lateral move to get younger at the same position for potentially the same money. Who knows but I read something that Adams refuses to trade him to the Rangers because thats exactly what Eichel wants.</div></div>

They don’t refuse to trade him to Rangers….I think Boston would be off limits for sure unless it’s a massive overpay.
But the sense from GMs around the league was that the Eastern conference GMs have a sense that Buffalo is not thrilled about sending him to the East, and that the preference is to send him West….but there’s a flip side….you can trade him to the West and the team could flop and then that is trying to recoup assets and sends him East in two to three years….whoever has the best offer.

But NY in particular is also maintaining a hardline stance as well….they won’t include Kakko, especially Laf, I think lundqvist, and Chytil and I think even Kravtsov as well.

But as a Buffalo fan, Drury can justify it….if Eichel was healthy many of those guys would be in the convo easily but…he’s not and he could easily miss 1/3 to half the season maybe more, and the Rangers clearly want to take a step.

There’s also a chance Eichel is not the same player when he has whatever procedure he has….

The best thing for Buffalo would be to let him have the surgery he wants and then let him play for the Sabres next year and prove he is healthy to rebuild his value. But the Sabres really don’t want Eichel around their young guys because they think his situation and his attitude are toxic to the young guys.

So now character is an issue?
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