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Jun 29, 2017
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Jan 11, 1987
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Thread: Offseason 1
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Tjm220</b></div><div>You’ve blown up several lines that have shown to be effective together. Realistically Buffalo has several pieces that are working together now, and they don’t need as much as people think.
These 2 units should stay together at the least:


When Eichel gets back healthy again he’s still #1, and Reinhart and Skinner take his wings. The only line that needs any upgrading is the 4th line. Maybe Coleman fits there, but you’d never pay a 4th liner $3 or $4 million if you can help it.</div></div>

Yea, that may be the case, the lines are not really set or anything....it's just more or less to show a combination of options we have. The reason why I targeted Coleman is because he literally brings everything we lack....he can be a net front presence on the PP, he's a great two-way F, he plays hard, he's physical, and hits like a truck and can play in any situation. I don't think he would be just a fourth liner, he would play minutes. The Sabres don't need as much as people think, I agree....but they do need to add some complimentary players to the lineup. They lack a physical presence, they lack a power forward, they lack guys who do the dirty work. I do think Drake Caggulia will help here in the bottom six, and he's an agitator which the Sabres don't have.

If i'm Buffalo in the offseason, i'm adding a couple complimentary players who can bring some jam and physicality to the lineup to compliment the skill guys.....we have skill guys for sure. Even if it's just Brock McGinn or a McGinn type who can move up and down the lineup, that would be helpful.

I also would like to bring in some competition with the ability to move all over the lineup, I don't want to bank on a small sample size that those lines will continue to work and that all of those young guys will pan out like we hope, that may more may not be the case.
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Thread: Offseason 1
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