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Forum: Armchair-GMSep. 19 at 2:27 p.m.
Thread: Habs 2023-24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyfan1234</b></div><div>The pens have Crosby, Malkin, Guentzel, Rust, Rakell, even Kapanen and Heinen. Hoffman isn’t even that good at offense. He’s only been a slight upgrade offensively over Zucker the past couple years but a massive downgrade everywhere else. Idk if you know this or not but hockey is about more than just offense. Again you can try to sprinkle your pile of crap all you want but it’s still crap. And what’s your point about Kessel? That was what? 5-6 years ago when both players were in their prime. Malkin was a lot more defensively responsible. But now at his older age, he isn’t as defensively responsible. Not to mention they also would play Hagelin on that line who was amazing defensively to make up for the defense too. But they also had to trade Kessel shortly after that. They would get absolutely torched. So yes they do have a problem bringing in a player who doesn’t play defensively. Sullivan doesn’t use players like that. Kapanen gets scratched all the time cause he stinks defensively and if he isn’t going through a slump offensively he isn’t bringing anything but bad news.
No you literally spent the first half of your comment discussing the other reason I’ve given. It’s not just because he has an extra year on his contract. It’s because Hoffman sucks at literally everything. Even what he’s supposed to be good at, he’s only a slight upgrade over Zucker. Zucker is a massive upgrade over him everywhere else. There is a reason that Habs fans keep trying to trade us Hoffman for Zucker. It’s because they even know Zucker is the better player lol. So you’re dead wrong that Hoffman is the better player at this point. I understand Habs fans tend to be homers on this site but you’ve gotta look at the whole body of work. If they both only had 1 year left…the pens might do it. But it’s not because hoffman is the better player. It’s because hoffman is the cheaper player. If they could save the 1 million this year and not have to take on an extra 4.5 million next year it’s a different story. But again not because he’s the better player, just the cheaper player. And if the pens not wanting to do the trade is fine, then why are you arguing about it? The pens decline. That is it. It’s that simple. I don’t have to give you any other excuse except they wouldn’t trade a pile of junk for a pile of junk on a longer contract. If that’s not good enough for you then maybe you need to get off this site cause it’s not for you lol</div></div>

C’mon man.. Hoffman isn’t that good offensively? He’s averaged 30 goals per 82 over his career.. and he is a power play specialist. He’s a better option than both Rakell and Rust on the PP. if he weren’t on the 1st unit then he would strengthen the 2nd unit, but they absolutely need to make that PP better if they want to actually contend.
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Thread: Habs 2023-24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyfan1234</b></div><div>Tell us you don’t watch the pens without telling us you don’t watch the pens. Zucker has not been brutal when he plays. He literally does everything else well but scoring. His stats say so, his JFresh hockey card says so. Whereas, Hoffman just flat out stinks. The pens weren’t terrible on the powerplay last year. The were over 20%. And that’s without Crosby and Malkin for the first chunk of the season and Malkin for half the season. Montreal on the other hand was second to last last year even with this supposed pp specialist.
Hoffman wouldn’t even play on the powerplay. He’s replacing Zucker who didn’t really play much on the power play lol. And the pens save a whopping 1 million this year but get stuck with 4.5 million the following year when they need the space more. I don’t know if you realized but free agency is over. Not to mention he would be on a line with Malkin who is already not the greatest defensively. Malkin needs wingers who are defensively responsible and Hoffman is not that. I get you want to put sprinkles on your dog crap but at the end of the day it’s still dog crap and at best this trade is just trading our dog crap for yours.</div></div>

“Does everything we’ll but scoring” well the Penguins need scoring man. Their power play used to be their biggest strength, they want to contend so I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to improve that and he would most certainly play on the power play. Did yoi not read what I wrote? Their power play was not good enough, you think they want to keep it the same? Btw Malkin played with Kessel when they won their last cup so don’t come at me talking about Pens need defensive players on Malkins wing… They have no issue bringing in a guy who isn’t good defensively. If you don’t think they would want Hoffman, that’s fine, but you gotta come with better reasoning. The only decent reason you’ve given is him having another year on his deal as opposed to Zucker. If they both had 1 year left Penguins do this in a heartbeat, Hoffman is simply the better player at this point. Sometimes the best ability is availability. But even as it is I think they’d consider doing this because at least they get a player who fits what they need for two years instead of 1 with Zucker who can’t stay healthy and brings little offense.
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Thread: Habs 2023-24
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Thread: Habs 2023-24
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>-It makes no sense for Montreal to retain only $550K on Anderson's deal for 4 years - either they retain enough to make Anderson a more attractive asset, or the Islander skip the retention and lower the overall acquisition cost. Josh Anderson at 4x$4.95M isn't all that much more valuable than Josh Anderson at 4x$5.5M.

-It makes less sense for the Islanders to give up a 26 year old Anthony Beauvillier with one year left on his deal to get a 29 year old Josh Anderson with 4 years left on his deal. It doesn't matter if Lou "likes these types of players", he's also not an idiot who would give up assets to get Additional Anders Lee. Beau and Anderson have scored at very similar rates in their careers to date (93 G in 408 GP for Beau, 101 in 388 GP for Anderson) with the big difference for me being that Beau is a better playmaker, and that he does better work on the power play (5-6-11 last year in 128 PP minutes playing primarily with Zach Parise/Josh Bailey/Kyle Palmieri/JG Pageau vs. 2-1-3 in 146 PP minutes playing primarily with Cole Caufield/Nick Suzuki/Christian Dvorak/Ryan Poehling).

-Matt Martin makes $1.5M next season, so paying a 4th rounder to shed his contract when you could just bury it for ~$350K in Bridgeport is a waste of an asset.

-Signings-wise, giving 6x$7.5M to Vladimir Tarasenko for his age-32 through -37 seasons is worse than the Kadri deal. At least Nazem knows how to play defense.
-Scott Mayfield isn't signing that cheap again. He gave the Isles a hometown discount on the 5x$1.45M he's playing out now, I can't see him signing for anything less than $3M.
-Jaro Halak will be 38 years old in 2023; in his last 2 seasons he's put up a .904 SV% with a 2.70 GAA. I'd like to think there are better backup goalie options available next summer; hell, I'm sure Lou will be able to convince Semyon Varlamov to stick around cheap.

You've also built a 20-man roster with no cap space, featuring: Anders Lee (33, recent full ACL tear), Vladimir Tarasenko (31, missed 93 out of a possible 127 games in 2019-20/20-21 with a major shoulder surgery), Josh Bailey (34), Brock Nelson (32), JG Pageau (31), Kyle Palmieri (32), Casey Cizikas (32), Cal Clutterbuck (36), and Jaro Halak (38). I'm sure this is not a problem at all, NHL players over 30 are notorious for never missing a game or two with nagging injuries.</div></div>

Oh I’m pretty sure the Isles would love to have Anderson at 5.5. I only did the retention so that the trade was possible, otherwise they can’t afford him, but you’re probably right, no retention at all makes more sense. He’s also not 29, he just turned 28 this spring. His deal only brings him to 32. Not bad at all if you value what he brings and the type of style he plays, which we know Lou does, and tons of GM’s do. Friedman specifically said the Canadiens will get a very good return for him. As for as the age difference between he and Beauvillier, I truly don’t think Lou cares. He’s in win now mode, he’ll do whatever he thinks makes him team better now.

You just can’t bring up age as a legitimate argument on any Lou built team. Guys had the oldest roster in the league for like 5 years now.. I think we can assume he’s not going to all of a sudden change and go for a youth movement.. or even care to get younger at all. I could totally see him giving Tarasenko that deal. Fits his MO

You have me on the Mayfield thing. I honestly didn’t know that, I guess they’ll sign a depth player in free agency for cheap then.

I know some of what your saying are your personal feelings. I’m not making this from my perspective. I rarely if ever consider what I would do in any of these armchair GM’s. I do what I think the GM of said team might do. People have a tough time separating how they feel about a player and how a GM might feel about a player.

I mean Gudbransson just got 4 mill a season.. Jack Johnson was still playing in the nhl last year.. won a cup. There are a ton of players fans think are bad that GM’s for whatever reason love. A lot of times it ends up being a mistake, but those bad trades/signings happen every year. Im not saying I make the perfect armchair GM’s, I’m just trying to be realistic. I like doing it with teams I don’t know a ton about. You’re respectful and let me know some of the issues with it and I thank you for that.
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