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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DragonRaptorHybrid</b></div><div>I think I agree with the general premise. A couple of thoughts:
1) I think part of it is also the mentality of Hockey Men, a predominantly conservative group of people, to say "well, the young players need to pay their dues" or some BS and that older players "have earned it," whatever that means.
2) As an aside, do you think John Chayka's long-term signings with the Coyotes are smart bets to make?</div></div>

I agree 10000% with thought #1. Many of these GM's are either ex players that played back when they didn't make nearly as much as they do today or they are hockey minds from a soon to be forgotten time where "I don't care if you score 100 points, you have to earn it kiddo. Thats just the way its always been and always will and I'll die before I let some punk think he's worth more Crosby!"...... :rolleyes

Regarding #2, that's tricky because other than Chayka and maybe to an extent Dubas, we don't have a ton of data to base a formulated opinion on. Chayka's contracts for example may or may not be constituted as bad contracts in a certain way but we also don't know if he just happens to be the 1/10 that would do it that way. We won't know until the league in general adopts the ideology.

Chayka overpaid Keller, Schmaltz, Chychrun and Dvorak but I think most of us feel that even though those players are not producing enough for them to be worth what they are making now, they certainly will be worth it in a couple years. Now while all these guys are talented players, they've all either had at least 1 difficult year, injured, low producing year etc that gives risk to wanting to sign them long term. Whats the excuse against Marner? He's been improving every year and hasn't had a single year in which to give one doubt.