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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheJoeMan</b></div><div>Rowney might have been the only Duck to exceed expectations this year and he makes peanuts. There's really no reason to move him, He's a perfect fourth-line center. Ritchie drives me crazy but his production is legit for how little he makes. He's still really disappointing as a player taken tenth overall but if you ignore that he's a steal right now. I would only package him to try to get a top-pairing d-man from somebody. And way does everyone want to trade Devon Shore? He's also a cheap, productive-ish player whose good on the PK.

What this team needs to do is figure out how to delete Perry from the roster and use our abundance of quality young forwards to try to acquire a d-man. Signing veteran free agents has never been part of the process with this team and it's not about to start during a rebuild.</div></div>

I feel the same as you on your assessments of Shore and Rowney. I loved what Rowney did. i was very upset seeing the contract he got for so little games played prior to him coming here. He fit in well and I will put my foot in my mouth with those complaints.

I think Ritchie is serviceable... but cant do anything right. Takes really bad penalties and lets his emotions get the best of him all the time. i think he gets traded to get Comtois or a UFA in here.

Why is everyone all over Perry all the time. Guy came off knee surgery that he probably should have had 3-4 years ago and that has hampered his play big time. he had flashes of the past in a few games he played, and that is something to look forward too. If he gets in the 50-60 point range, I will take it. I know it wont be for $$$ value.... but hey, we could have James Neal and his solid pay for what he makes.