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May 2, 2020
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Look, I could spend years talking and writing about this but I don't want this to take hours for me to write and for you to read so I'll try to keep it simple. I'll try.

Oh boy, where do I even start? Ok, let's start with the obvious, his intelligence. I know it's basic common sense but really an intelligent hockey player is a good player. 999 times out of 1000. He just makes intelligent plays all the time, which makes him and his teammates better. Cause you see, a non-intelligent player WILL put himself and his teammates in trouble every now and then. I actually have an instance of this with Sid. Idk if you remember but in the 2017 SCF, Subban made a joke that Sid told him that his breath smelled (as if Sid would say something like this). What happened after that folks? Well Sid turned into aa God, I've very very very very rarely seen a player play with such DOMINANCE than Crosby did in the last games of that series, it was phenomenal, he basically won the Pens the cup, not in terms of having 1000 poits per game but in terms of just driving the play.

You see, Sid doesn't do such things. He instantly becomes a better, more useful player with that.

But of course things don't stop there. His leadership skills are well known so I won't talk bout them.

I will however talk about portions of his game that elevate him to the rank of the best hockey player on the planet.

The first thing I want to highlight is his edgework. By that I mean his footwork, his direction changing moves. He's so good at that, he breaks ankle after ankle, makes elite defenders look like complete jokes all the time and all that while not only making himself do crazy things but while also making his teammates significantly better.

The first thing is his puck protection skills. Try getting the puck from him, I dare you. When he's either behind the net or along the boards or all of the above, he's practically impossible to beat. With such dominance at protecting the puck (not to mention his well known play making abilities) he can buy his teammates seconds to get into position to receive a perfect pass from him.

Let's end this by talking about his lower body strength. It's hilarious to see every player trying to be faster than everyone else when there are other ways to do it. Have you seen his lower body strength? He's such a strong player that fighting against him (which is very hard to do, for reason that have already been covered) for puck control, for instance, is a very difficult thing to do. His lower body being as strong as it is allows him to control the play like almost no other player in the world can, it really is crazy.

Take what I've talked about and add his shot release, his vision, his (intelligent) good skating, work ethic and many other things and you've got the best hockey player on the planet. IMO McDvid and MacKinnon aren't in the same league as Sid when it comes to their overall game