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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wingss</b></div><div>An injury prone Green doesn't even touch a 2nd, no way a 1st. Also the Red Wings will finish bottom three this year if not dead last, so we *very likely* will not fall all the way to 6th. We are not moving DeKeyser, a Michigan kid who has turned out to be a top pairing defensemen for us. And especially not while Blashill's coaching. Same type of thing with Glendening, I doubt he gets moved. The guys we should be looking at moving this deadline 100% are Helm and Green. They should both be gone. Athanasiou should be shopped and moved for the right price only, and most of our bottom six is open for business as well, except none of them will garner anything truly worth while. More just to open up roster spots. Also I think Filppula is here to stay until he retires, otherwise Stevie wouldn't have signed him for two years. And I'm sure we could get JP with the two 2nd's, but I don't think it's even worth it. The guy is a 3rd line skill player at best, the league is just too fast for him. Even if the 2020 2nd is late, I still would rather take our chances and draft somebody ourselves. That's just me, but I'm not high on JP and I'm not quite sure what the fascination with him is.</div></div>

We were the third worst team in back to back years and fell to 6 both times. In which we got Seider and Zadina. DeKyser is also a top pair Dman for this team because we have no other defense man. on any competing team he is at best your 4th Dman. Also, jesse is a high skill player who has a good hockey IQ. 2nd round picks tend to play in the NHL I think it was &lt;10% of the time so the odds aren't high for taking chances on a 2nd rd pick. Signing Jesse and trading for him gives us Low risk High reward. If he plays and scores 15 goals and 40 points and makes 2.5mill that's huge, if he score 10 goals and has 30 points it's a small contract that won't affect any crucial long term conflicts.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov 27, 2019 at 11:39