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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DoctorBreakfast</b></div><div>

The game hasn't grown? That's ridiculous. If there wasn't an Arizona franchise there wouldn't be an Auston Matthews. Seth Jones came up through the Dallas Stars youth program. Shayne Gostisbehere was born and raised in Florida. I know there's no way to measure the number of fans in the game, but you can't tell me that there would be nearly as many hockey fans in the southern US without Bettman. Tampa's won a Cup, Dallas has won a Cup, Carolina has won a Cup, Florida went to the SCF early in their franchise history, the game has boomed in Nashville due to their recent success. The game is bigger now than it has ever been, and Bettman has had a lot to do with it. To say that CapFriendly users could have run a professional sports league better than Gary Bettman is asinine. Most of us can't even measure the value of a player or construct a team under the cap.</div></div>

lol you actually believed Bettman when he said the causation of Matthews success as a hockey player is because Pheonix had a team in that city? Now that is the definition of asinine.

Look at three of the teams you listed, Florida, Arizona &amp; Carolina, teams being constantly discussed regarding relocation, why is that? Oh right because so few in those cities care about the sport, and interest in the sport hasn't grown since their creation, and in some cases, has actually decreased.

Based on your example of Matthews being directly correlated to his success based on the city having an NHL team, I'd love for you to explain how Sidney Crosby (Cole Harbour Nova Scotia), Malkin (Magnitogorsk, Russa), Ovechkin (Moscow, Russia), Matt Murray (Thunder Bay, Ontario), Draisaitl (Cologne, Germany) have all become such stars, none of their home towns had NHL teams?
Oh wait, the answer is simple: a city having an NHL team has absolutely <strong>nothing</strong> to do with player development and whether a star is born.
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