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Thread: Going for it
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Thread: Going for it
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NJDevils1317</b></div><div>AJ, sure, but I wouldn't just trade Subban at this point. He's cheap in actual money this year and I just don't know if it is as easy as it would seem to get an above replacement D in that spot. Subban was getting blown out above the slot he should be in, but in a protected 3D spot, he should have more value to the Devils. Cap room is not an issue as he's done after this year.

Going back to AJ, while I am not completely sold on anyone beyond Mercer (I feel Holtz needs a little baking time to just get ultra confident with his shot in NA), clearing him from just disappointing as a 3rd or worse yet a 4th liner is setting him up for failure. While his analytics are good and I could see someone with space willing to take a chance, he hasn't seemed to click with anyone in NJD and is a lost soul.

I hope more than anything I am wrong about AJ as having him adding depth scoring on a 3rd line would be big, but he has not been impressive.</div></div>

It would be nice to see Jaros or Walsh get that spot bc the only way that they are going to progress in their development is by playing in the nhl. Subban will not want nor will he be given a contract to resign. I think Foote also has to get a spot in order to progress his development. So Johnsson going out creates more space for Foote, or even a guy like Thompson. I don’t think Johnsson will resign in a couple of years when his contract is up so I’d rather progress the future than waste a spot. Also I think Johnsson could thrive somewhere else that isn’t NJ. I also don’t feel that holtz or Mercer should get a spot as they can use some more time in other leagues to help them prepare. Foote needs an opportunity bc his shot is too good to not utilize. He needs to progress his game at the highest level so I would like to see Foote make the team
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