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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CalvinKlein</b></div><div>Boqvist has been great? He's been a blackhole offensively, he has 1 point in the last 20 games that's absolutely abysmal. He's supposed to be a 3C, his job is to play well defensively AND score some points, just playing good defense isn't enough to make up for his poor offense.

Sharangovich playing in the bottom 6 is going to score over 20 goals this year, he's miles ahead of Boqvist and it's not close.</div></div>

If you do actually watch devils game and watch every shift Boqvist and shar have had this season, and you come to that conclusion, fair. But it seems like ur just a numbers guy that doesn’t watch the game and only judges based off stats. Boqvist is an excellent penalty killer (better than shar imo) and can take draws as shar is awful at them. He’s much better defensively and clearly works a lot harder than shar. Boqvist has a lot more puck control. Boqvist creates offense but can’t do everything himself. Shar and Boqvist need to create chances when they play together but it’s sharangovich that always loses the puck and ends the offensive zone time when trying to create chances. I also don’t think it helps either of them as they have played with holtz and they will immediately play worse when they are on a line with holtz. Pair Boqvist with Tatar and haula to add some depth in the bottom six with Boqvist and I think Tatar could help Boqvist get on the board more often. That’s just my take from the naked eye as the overall team plays better with Boqvist on the ice as opposed to sharangovich
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