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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 20 at 8:16
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>I like bean but I just dont see the leafs moving Liligren for him as Dubas would probs want a RHD prospect coming in

now if bean was a RHD prospect and this was proposed leafs would probs accept.

As for the Kapenan trade its a pass for the following reason

in terms of Kaps value a recent post looked into his numbers and it was surprising.
Kaspari Kapanen - Even Strength Points Per 82-Games:

2018-19 (22 years old) = 44 Even Strength Points
2019-20 (23 years old) = 36 Even Strength Points (69 games) full season projected 42-45 points

- That's in roughly 13 even-strength minutes per game (with lots of PK time and no PP time).
- It also projects to 60+ total points if he's given a full time spot on a teams power-play unit.
- He's very solid defensively and is much more valuable than people here want to admit.
- And his contract adds even more value ($3,200,000 x 3 years with an RFA expiry at 25).

Compare that to someone like Zucker (Return = 1st + 2nd + Galchenyuk).

2018-19 (27 years old) = 28 Even Strength Points
2019-20 (28 years old) = 40 Even Strength Points

- He's 5 years older and in his late prime.
- His cap-hit is $2,300,000 higher with similar term.
- He was getting more ES ice-time than Kapanen.

I could prove the exact same point with a bunch of older guys like:

- Gabriel Pageau (Return = 1st + 2nd + 3rd)
- Blake Coleman (Return = 1st + 1st)

But Kapanen's ES production is more in line with guys like:

- Barzal
- Keller
- Monahan
- DeBrincat
- Seguin

The only major difference is that they get PP ice-time.

(note not my words but from someone else)</div></div>

What an awesome post! I feel enlightened. :)

I really thought bean was right handed when I threw this together, my bad, scratch that idea.

Thanks so much for sharing this info on kappy. Really paints a great picture of his value. Probably best to take advantage of this and send him to a team he can thrive on. Would you go that route or keep him?
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