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A few months ago, everyone thought that Shero and the Devils were the offseason winners by a country mile. Are we firing general managers now because what looked to be a great trade has backfired 30 some-odd games into the season? Your GM made calculated moves to acquire what were big names last summer - Subban and Gusev - and paid Simmond's price on a one-year deal. Seeing that it hasn't paid off, the Devils are free to wash their hands of the Wayne Train by season's end. These aren't the kinds of moves that GMs lose their jobs over.

Shero's 15' and 16' drafts don't look great by any stretch of the imagination, but to judge his 18' draft based solely on Ty Smith being too young for AHL minutes or expecting a 19 year-old defender to be an NHL contributor is absurd. If you want the real reason as to why the floor seemingly keeps falling out from underneath the Devils, observe their drafting record from 2005 until Shero took over. There's absolutely no quality outside of Henrique, Larsson, and Severson in that decade span. There was no foundation to the Devils: once their time was up, they were pooched, and now they're stuck in limbo until young prospects are capable of pulling this team out of the mud.

Should Shero be actively looking to do something regarding the utter lack of goaltending this team is seeing? Sure, but so are at least 15 other teams in the league right now. It's the hardest commodity to come by right now.

The Devils need to wait and observe how Shero navigates the deadline and see what specifically he gets back for Hall. If he botches that trade and there's a disconnect between ownership and management, then considering firing him is justifiable.