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Jul 28, 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CoopsTroops</b></div><div>A large jump in production was the main factor. From what I understamd, before watching the Crunch regularly, he was a reliable defensive depth forward, but didn't have the offensive touch to really stand out (something that's holding me back from being higher on Fortier). He received a lot of minutes with Raddysh, Katchouk, Denisenko (Florida's top prospect), and on PP1 and looked really good to my eyes. You could argue he was a product of who he played with, but you could have said the same thing with Colton being a product of centering Barre-Boulet's line last season ('19-'20). He might have been closer to a point per game for the season had he not gotten shuffled around a lot with Mitchell Stephens and Heponiemi (FLA prospect) entering and leaving the Syracuse lineup at times during the year.

The closest comparable I have for him on the Lightning is Colton. Somppi goes to the front of the net and has good puck skills in close. He's the closest to not being in the "Future NHLer" column, but I think he would impress in the NHL in a depth role if given the chance. Probably needs another year to fully mature his game.</div></div>

Something else that caught my eye was the fact that Goncalves and Finley are in different tiers, with Goncalves being higher. We obviously traded quite a bit to go an get Finley. Do you think that could end up being a mistake? How has Finley’s development gone so far? I know he’s only been in the lightning system for a year (a COVID year) but what has he shown in that time that would suggest Goncalves is on a better track to the NHL than Finley is?