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Thread: realistic
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CanEHdian04</b></div><div>Just so i get this right are you're implying it's unrealistic because I haven't traded Karlsson and Duchene?

I see the problem, the team looks pretty grim I agree. This is just how I see next season's roster looking baring any blockbuster moves. As a resident of the city I cannot express to you how essential it is to keep Erik Karlsson. He is the only player the fans care about other than Stone, but in terms of popularity it's not even close. Duchene is an interesting situation. Me and many other weren't happy with how much we lost in that trade, but in the end we got a pretty damn good player. This guy is the best option we have at number 1 center, and he is expected to fill in the shoes of Kyle Turris. If the Senators were to trade him, the fans would be infuriated because you got rid of Turris for a guy that didn't even last a year.

Goaltending is sketchy, but I think Ottawa will play it by ear. Historically, Anderson has always had a down year followed by an up year. Its not reasonable to expect that trend on continuing, but there aren't many other options given the shiny extension Dorion signed him to this year and next. If Anderson can bounce back, the team is in a lot better shape than last year. The blue line also needs a blue line. If Karlsson can return to form offensively and defensively paired with the bounce back year from Anderson Ottawa will be much better at keeping the puck out of their net. Gustavsson is in the system and hopefully develops into a starter within the next 3 or 4 years. Chabot will also continue to develop, as well as Wolanin and Claesson. Boro brings a physical presence and a lot of character. Wideman missed all but 16 games last season. Throughout those 16 games he played he scored 3 goals and 5 assists for 8 points. Ceci is terrible, but they're never going to trade that damn pylon. The blueline was really bad last season, but it can get better this year, and if it does, Karlsson would be much more enticed to stay.

Ottawa actually scored more goals/game last season than they did in 16/17. The first line needs not introduction but I will throw out there Dzingle scored 23 goals and 43 points in this most recent season. White scored 6 points in 21 games too. If White and Dzingle consider to get better, the top 6 gets a real boost. If White isn't ready to play 2nd line C, there is going to be a big problem, because the thought of Pageau in that role is chilling. Our 4th overall pick this year has an asterix. If we somehow land Zadina, that would be stellar. Odds are we get Tkachuk, which is still great. The problem is Tkachuk will probably want to finish his education at Boston U, delaying some offensive upgrades for the top 6. Pageau as the 3rd line C, sure. Chlapik on the third line I'm also comfortable with. The bottom 6 is rather untouched. Still pretty bad, but I really liked Didi while he played here so bringing him back would be stellar. They're never gonna trade Smith even though I can't stand him.

As I see it, it is imperative Ottawa keeps both of them. The team can get better next season, and I find it very unlikely Ottawa would make any big splashes to try and accommodate these players, not really how they do things. While I understand this team isn't very enticing, but it's what I see the Sens being going forward. The moves I would make to fix it are a different armchair-gm team.</div></div>

You trolled this post with how much you have written, i’m Not going to read a documentary from someone with no credentials...
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HawaiianPig</b></div><div>I think you can do this without trading away the 3rd overall. That return is not worth it. Habs have only picked in the top 3 like twice in the last three decades. You don't pass that up. Zadina is worth more than the two players the other first rounders fetch.

I would also hold on to Byron, value to cap dollars ratio is incredible and you want more of that on your team rather than less.

Others have said Patches will fetch more, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were right; I expect him to go for much less than we're all expecting.</div></div>

Really? I thought a a top 6c and top 4d would equal a 1st line lw to a team lacking quality depth. How has having a 1st line lw without solid centers gone so far?(patches). Seems like getting a fringe #1b center + a future #3 rhd would solve 2 needs. I mentioned that I think Weber is moved in a year and woo could play 3rd pair with Juulsen at 2nd pair.

You’d have to add in the value Weber brings back (1st++) to show this deal fully. I’ll make a 2020 thread incorporating the ideas Mtl fan have had.

Byron’s not going to get a 2nd imo. He’s not good enough for a top 50 or 60 player imo. Two 4ths give a solid chance at developing 3rd liner depth.

Patches is solid but after a down year and being a rental cripple his value imo. A sign and trade could be Mtl salvation, but if it’s a pure rental then Anaheim is a good fit if they want one last chance for the cup with Getzlaf, Perry and Kessler. They could just offer Ritchie + #21 for patches and call it even.

Thank you for the response.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>I think all three trades sell MTL players short. IMHO

Byron is hugely underrated. If he's only worth two 4ths, i'd rather just keep him. plus he's injured for 6 months so that will make moving him hard.

I think the 3rd OV is worth more than 9th and a late 1st rounder. Veleno for example has top 6 center potential and the late 1st is a toss up when it comes to landing a good player. 3rd OA is a roster player next year that can be a perennial 30 goal scorer (Potentially)

As for Pacioretty's deal. The players available with the pick will be what makes or break this trade. If one of the players MTL really likes is available, than maybe it works. But one thing for sure, take Deslauriers out. Habs not moving him in a trade like this. He had as many goals as Ritchie did last year and were all legit HIS goals and not lucky bounces. Plus he's a home town kid so I just don't see it. He's worth more to us than anything in trade.</div></div>

You could be right about deslauriers wanting to be kept, but the team had too many lw.

If you think he’s better than Ritchie and has more upside I believe you’re being a bit of a homer, but if you’re suggesting the team wanted to end up with both players I can see where you’re coming from.

I can easily take him out of the trade and add Benn in a heartbeat. I thought that was adding more value though. They’d probably take patches for Ritchie and #21, it’s just your squad had too many skaters.

If you are really against the value maybe they’d offer to take Schlemko with patches if they had the cap.
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