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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>Tell me are the Ducks paying him? Most LTIRs are paid by insurance not the team. I'm a fool? You're a fool to think that Kesler helps the Leafs or any teams cap. It certainly isn't cap circumvention. Teams just add it on to one end and take it off the other. Gee, if it helps so much in the cap, maybe the teams that really have cap issues signing their own RFAs like the Rangers or Tampa should be giving the Ducks a premier pick.
Somehow it's just another silly post, thinking the Leafs benefit so much by having LTIR players. Gee the Leafs had two last year....Horton and Clarkson and they didn't help/hurt the Leafs cap at all.
Now there was a reason the Leafs acquired Clarkson and his 5.25m LTIR but as it turned out they didn't need that minor cap adjustment at all. Do you know the reason they acquired Clarkson and how he might have helped the Leafs and their cap? Answer that and maybe you might know why Kesler is so meaningless.</div></div>

Haha silly post that you responded to? Obviously there is more to the CBA than we as fans understand. I’m just simply saying that I would not be surprised if Dubas attempts to add another LTIR contract in exchange for a late pick. 1. He values late picks more than other teams 2. Toronto can exceed off season cap 3. Other teams will want to dump $ 4 even insured contracts still cost millions . So what will you say when Toronto acquires another LTIR player?

You- “I was wrong and GMRyan is a genius :)”
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