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A few observations:
-Ristolainen manages to play 24 minutes a night for 4 different head coaches, my take away is the person whose job is on the line and his success is determined by the players on the ice, all value Ristolainen more than any other defenseman on the roster.
-The last 4 years (including this year), Perreault (46 goals 117 pts) and Sheary (5 goals 120 pts) each played 221 games, neither PK’s, Sheary has a slight edge with more ice time last year but the two previous years the TOI are about the same, so who is more valuable? BTW, I would rather have 27 yo Sheary @ $3KK than 32 (in Jan 2020) yo Perreault @ $4KK (but I do love his name).
-The Blues rushed Thompson to NHL, and unfortunately the Sabres as well, Big players take longer to develop. In his last 12 AHL games he has 10 goals, he bulked up over the summer, he dominated the french connection 3 on 3, he was voted the team leader during that event, so I would not write him off too quickly.
-So my take away,
Ristolainen, Rasmus for 2020 1st round pick not enough for Ristolainen
Sheary, Conor for Perreault, Mathieu I would rather have Sheary
Thompson, Tage for Vesalainen, Kristian too much for Thompson right now, but ask me how I feel in January.
Both teams would say no. Betterall is very happy with his defense depth, and Cheveldayoff likes to fleece other GM’s (see DATM) and would probably not want to trade away his first round pick.
Of course this is my opinion and we all know we all have our opinions and we all have our but whole.
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Thread: Girgensons
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sabres89</b></div><div>Probably not if we have to retain. Hes not worthless, hes a decent 4th liner, does not score, i mean he gets buried with d zone starts, but even when he does get chances to score not much happens. The best reason to trade him is that it opens up a spot and moves a guy out that has seen nothing but losing for his career. Probably have to wait until theres a losing streak, i dont see him being moved while we are playing well.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Skyraider112</b></div><div>Z probably won't be traded unless Sabres are out by TDL which I don't think will be the case. He is so valuable as a 4th line grinder.</div></div>

OMW, I have been preaching the value of Girgensons and Larsson it seems forever. Thank you I thought it was falling on deaf ears.
I also agree that the Sabres will be in the hunt for a playoff spot at the TDL.
On the other hand, if Asplund, Thompson, Pilut, Jokiharju and more are tearing up the AHL, we may see a lot of house keeping at the TDL. A third round pick for Girgensons or Larsson would be a decent return.
BTW please do not tell Tim Murray, but this is the way to build a champion and sustain the excellence:
first, let the prospects develop on a winning team in the AHL (the operative word here is winning),
second, trade the established NHL player on an expiring contract,
third, bring up the prospect,
fourth, use the picks to draft well,
fifth go back to the first step.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shibbal18</b></div><div>Jokiharju is Scandellas d partner and has made him look good, thats why he gets inflated ice time. Scandella has been better, this so far has been the best season for him in a Sabres uni (season is still young). But Scandella has hit his ceiling, hes a bottom pair guy and way over paid for it. Jokiharju has a much higher ceiling and is already playing at the level of Scandella. Thats why he should get the nod. I also havent seen anyone blame Scandella for the loss, but if they are thats just stupid.</div></div>

I know Nylander had a great preseason and good opening game, but probably no one was happier to see Jokiharju in a Sabre uniform than I. I just do not want to see him rushed, defensemen need more time and with the number of solid NHL defensemen on the roster, IMO it would be better for him to be in Rochester.
Second, no one should be blaming Marco, as he was only on the ice for one of the Jackets goals and that was on a PK. The team was badly out shot, badly out hustled, badly our chanced, the loss was a team effort. I hope they wake up in time for tonight game.
On the other hand that is a new twist, the player with more give away is making his partner look good! I agree that Marco is over paid, but he is still a solid NHL defenseman with a very hard shot. Since he is our 6th or even 7th defenseman, it is amazing how much the defense has been improved in one year. At the close of the 2017-18 season he was our top LHD with only Ristolainen playing more minutes than he. Now it is universally recognized that only injuries will keep him in the line up.
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Here is my take away after 2 games:
Ristolainen and Dahlin will make a great top pair for at least the next 3 years.
All of the forwards are back checking. When did anyone last see Jack go into a defensive zone corner and fight for the puck. PIT and NJD may have had odd man rushes but there was ALWAYS a forward racing to catch up to the play.
I am excited that all 4 lines and the defense have scored at least one goal and the season is only 2 games old.
When did you see this many stretch passes? It used to take them a month to get as many as I have seen in the past 2 games. Did you see the pass Reinhart made to Jack? OMW, Olofsson will have 2 players feeding him the puck.
Two consecutive games and the Sabres had more shots in each, the team is close to winning 50% of their faceoffs, and the players look genuinely excited.
When was the last time Buffalo won a regulation game in PIT, when was the last time Buffalo won their first 2 games? I may be wrong but it is about 7 years ago. Let's relish the moment and hope there will be more. Let me add, the Sabres are on a 4 game regular season winning streak since the won their last 2 games of last season as well.
Finally, I love Skinner! Every time he scores a goal he does NOT raise his arms in triumph, he points to the player who fed him the puck to acknowledge a good play. He is my kind of team player and I am happy we will have him for the next 8 years.
Let me add, when Montour is healthy, Jokiharju will most likely be the one to go to the PB or to Rochester. Not because he does not have the talent to stay but more that he is a RHD and he can be be sent down and brought back without clearing waivers.
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Thread: Ducks
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You all know I love Betterall. Let's all remember the team he inherited.
No defense, Ristolainen, Bogosian and McCabe were the only NHL quality defensemen and how many games did the last 2 play his first year, 71? Ristolainen was rushed to the NHL the year after he was drafted, played on a very bad team and never learned how to play defense.
No cap space, Bogosian, Moulson, Okposo, nearly $17,000,000 of dead cap, nearly 25% of the cap for 15 goals, and 13 games on defense.
No secondary scoring. After Kane, Eichel, O'Reilly and Reinhart who was there, Pouliot, Pomenville and ???.
A rudderless locker room, how many of you remember Nolan declaring that there was no accountability? Tell me who is responsible to hold the players accountable? The on ice leaders, we all know them, we call them captain.
Other teams cast offs, Lehner-a bipolar alcoholic, Kane-an off ice womanizer, an on ice selfish skater, O'Reilly-"I lost my love of the game" Captain!
I know everyone cries about O'Reilly, but what did he ever do for Buffalo, 81, 78 and 62, the points Buffalo had his 3 years here. BTW, when did STL turn it around, oh yes when Binnington joined the team. The Blues missed the playoffs by one point the previous year and they add Peron, Bozak and O'Reilly but were in last place until Jordan went crazy and won 49 out of 60 pts.
What has Betterall done?
The team now has up to 8 NHL quality defensemen and he added, Pilut, Gilmour, (two free agents) Miller, Montour, Jokiharju, Dahlin, Scandella for a first, second, Nylander and Foligno (and of course the first over all).
Still working on the cap space, but at least Moulson is off of the books.
Vesey, Johansson and Sheary added to the team for a third and a fourth has improved our secondary scoring. BTW Vesey was a great trade, not only will he get his 17 goals this year, but did you notice he also kills penalties?
Based on the performance of the first game it would appear the locker room issues have been resolved with the additions of Johansson and McCabe as the alternate captains.
We can all cry about the O'Reilly trade, but he never lead the Sabres to a winning season, much less the playoffs or Stanley cup. Last year, I noticed a more active Eichel, playing 200 feet of the ice, hmm did his lazy leader leave the team? This year, I saw him fighting for the puck in the defensive zone corners, he never did that 2 year ago.
As for the rebuild taking 2 to 3 years, we wasted 3 years of a rebuild with Murray. He had a great prospect pool, great draft picks and talent to trade from the NHL club. When he left we had one of the worse prospect pools, a last place team and no extra draft picks. BTW the Amerks missed the playoffs every year he was GM. The Amerks have made the play off both year Betterall was GM.
IMO the rebuild started when the Sabres drafted Dahlin, and the locker room problems gone.
There is my tome, let me add, Girgensons and Larsson started in the OZ only 16% of the time last year but managed to have a 50% Corsi, the team has one of the better PK's and if the GK was better, they may have had a top 5 PK. With only 16% OZ starts they still managed 11 goals. If any of you watched last year's playoffs the Jackets used Dubinsky as their face off specialist and he had only 6 goals and his salary is about double of Girgensons and Larsson combined.
So this is the second year of the rebuild, let's see how the season ends.
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