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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>1. Drouin has played well enough over the past 2 seasons to warrant keeping him around. His production hasn't decreased he was still on pace to eclipse 40 points this year just he has passed more this year than in typical years.

2. Skinner has wayyy less value than Weber even with how poorly Weber has played. I am not a Weber fan either, but at least Weber is still serviceable in the bottom 4. Skinner is bad at everything except scoring and we have our sniper now at 10 times Lee's the cost. Montreal passes.</div></div>

I totally understand your point of view on Drouin and I am not as down on him as the majority of the fanbase seems to be right now. That being said though, I believe playing in Montreal is affecting him negatively because of his style of play and the repercussions that has with media and fans. Drouin is a valuable player with skill, but I don't think Montreal atmosphere is where he is happiest and playing at his best. I think a change of scenery would benefit him greatly.

I also understand your point on Skinner being less valuable than Weber and being on a worse contract. But I think adding Risto and Skinner gives us more speed which we seem to have lost this year. And most importantly, speed on the defensive side. Risto can bring the play out of the defensive zone and add offense, I am not sure anyone besides for Petry can do that on rosters right now (possibly Romanov but it's a lot to ask of him at this time).

Thanks for your input!