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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>Good questions. Boro is tough, and playoff teams like to add muscle.

People really underrate Jensen. He was a solid 2nd pair D in Detroit the last two years, putting up good defensive stats on a bad defensive team. He was their best penalty killer by a few measures. Wsh, Tor, and Pit fans were all begging for him at the deadline, on here. The Caps ultimately got him for a 2nd and a recent 2nd who was doing well at the time, in the NHL. Jensen's helped the Caps' PK improve from 26th overall last year to where it's hovering around 10th early this season, and it's risen as high as 6th.

Petry is definitely better, but Jensen plays tough minutes against tough competition in Washington, so their offense this year ins't comparable. When he plays the kind of minutes Petry's getting, he can get 20 even strength points. Petry tops out at 30. Jensen is three years younger and signed for two years longer, at the same total price. If MTL were giving up on this year's playoff race, a straight up one for one could be win-win.

If the goal here is for MTL to add a 1st in a deep draft, then I think Petry is definitely worth one even before retention but Jensen isn't far behind. Someone I could see the Caps making a cap casualty of, based on a slow start to the season, is Richard Panik. If you want to do Petry for a 1st, retention for a 2nd, and take back a contract, that's your guy. Then if you wanted to balance depth charts with a minor swap of Johansen for Vejdemo? Great.</div></div>

Petry is a top30 Dman in the league, Jensen is what top 100 ? Petry is an excellent #3 and Jensen #5. You can’t compare those 2, Petry just turn 32 but is a fluide skater + a late bloomer. He won’t decline for the next 4 years. Jensen is just a plug if Petry gets traded for a 1st + 2nd, giving time to Brook to improve in Laval. Petry is worth a 1st + 2nd round pick no salary retained, so retained 2.75M, you are sending Jensen