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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tryger</b></div><div>Ok realistically, when is the Kings cup window? 2-3 years from now, right? Is that when you want Gallagher? When he is 32 and inevitably going to decline, signs of which he is already showing? Brock Faber and Helge Grans are great young pieces and riches from 3 years of a rebuild. Since the rebuild Blake has not traded any of his better prospects unless they proved they couldn't cut it at the NHL level. He even recently said he is not interested in moving his prospects until they get a fair look at the professional level of which Faber and Grans have had little.

Bergevin is with the team but he is an advisor, he is holding a spot until he can come back into a GM role, he can advise but that's it. Colorado could need a goaltender but Quick is playing lights out for a team he has pulled into 2nd place in the pacific division.

Let's say Brown retires, is the only place the Kings can find a suitable top-6 winger replacement is in Gally? The free agency class for next year includes: Gaudreau, Forsberg, Giroux, Perron, Rakell, Kadri, Nichushkin, Kessel, Carter, or Smith (who are all outproducing Gallagher) who the Kings could sign for a more friendly term without giving up assets. Which is in line with how Blake has done most business aside from the Arvidsson trade (which most people see as a win for the Kings).</div></div>

Bergevin could convince Blake to go after Gallagher and there’s not only points. We all know it’s never been about points for Gallagher but grit &amp; heart. Plus he can score goals. Giroux Gaudreau Forsberg Kadri are all 8M+ players, Rackell Kessel Carter aren’t better than Gallagher. Riley Smith &amp; Perron are better targets but again, there’s gonna be a lot of team after them. Nichushkin probably stays in COL. You want have any grittier players than Gallagher in the ones you named. Like I said, I understand you don’t like it but it is a possibility