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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BlueSeeker</b></div><div>Juolevi has better numbers in the AHL than Juulsen. Juolevi hasn't even played a full season in the AHL/NHL yet. His ceiling is also a lot higher than Juulsen.</div></div>

AHL production, especially for defenders, doesn't frequently translate to NHL play, especially when the majority of it comes in the form of assists.

Consider this: Juulsen has played actual NHL games. 44 to be specific. The expectation is, currently, that he'll be seeing a full 82 games next season as his eye injury appears to be behind him now. Does the current 44 games plus 82 projected games bring more value than zero NHL games plus a projected 70 more in the AHL next season?

Consider that, despite the lack of production, Juulsen has developed into an NHL defender. Juolevi's production has been almost as stagnant (except for last year's injury-shortened campaign) but at lesser levels. Ceilings aside, you need to put more stock into the current value. If Juolevi is worth Evans and the CBJ 2nd Round Pick, don't give up Juulsen and Peca in the deal. If the Canucks' ask starts with Juulsen, they pay more, not less. Paying for what you think a player will be has cost certain NHL GMs their jobs for decades: it's a matter of getting good value.

Also, why piss assets away when you can have a better LD than Juolevi with the 15th Pick in this years' draft? All of Harley, York, Heinola, and even Broberg are likely to develop into more than Juolevi.
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