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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>I mean Tampa didnt have Kucherov sure but with the way Campbell played doubt he would have made a difference as man beast mode Campbell was a wall. Avalanche was only missing Kuemper but was using their backup in Johansson so technically "they were healthy lul, even got MacKinnon back", Pittsburgh does not want to be healthy against Toronto as thats when they always lose. No joke go look at 2019, Beat Toronto without Hornqvist and Rust game 1, game 2 won without Malkin, Game 3 got everyone back but was shutout.

Healthy Islanders vs. Toronto probs ends up being Calgary vs. Toronto with barely any scoring, goes to OT, anyone's guess there. Vegas fully healthy before Eichel yeah with the way they were playing Toronto as lehner at times looks like he cant stop a beachball.

In general as long as Campbell and the Team continues with this new system of play good chance they come out with a win. As it seems Islanders hockey with slightly more emphasis on transitional offense is the new meta lul.</div></div>

Kucherovs really good tho and I love Campbell. Maybe 5 on 5 its a wash but their pp with kuch on the half wall and Stamkos on the other side is lethal. And they don't have Point either like that's maybe no Matthews and Nylander/Marner/Tavares like their run right now is impressive. They need to run that game again and its this month. Pittsburgh yea iunno wth is going on with that. Avs i'd give mackinnon a game that's like his first game back. I agree it would prolly be like the calgary game with the isles. lol that was an ahl lineup against toronto tho u know. We'll see I think a lot of fans are skeptical that's why there isn't as much hype around the leafs run right now. We can't get tricked again man its like I can't even take chris johnson seriously anymore with his predictions cause columbus and mtl it was like "obvious" and we're here smiling around
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