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Jun 29, 2019
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Forum: NHL SigningsNov 5, 2019 at 7:20
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Earfgang</b></div><div>1. There has only ever been a handful of teams that were able to remain at the top of their division for more than a decade, acting like any team can just do it is ignorant. Everyone would love to be the Red Wings dynasty but that good of drafting is something that nobody else has had until maybe Tampa bay recently.

2. Nashville came in at a bad time, had to draft for years to become close to competitive, and have finally found consistent success. They worked with what they had, did they do a good job? I don't know, with hindsight it could have been better, but the past is the past, who cares.

3. If they trade Josi, they wont get a player that is equal value, why would a team trade a younger cheaper comparable for an older Josi. If they shop Josi in the middle of a cup run what does that say about their faith in their core that they have built. If they trade Josi, they will be getting worse as a team in the right now in an attempt to be even better in the future, AKA punting seasons. Likely you get high picks and a bluechip prospect, and the team you have right now is not going to be as good in 2 years. Unless you plan on trading every aging player on the roster for more inexpensive younger options and draft picks then you have to push now, everything about how this core is built says push now. The west is weaker than i have ever seen, (I was born in 2000) and you just won your division and get to come back with a similar core, THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO TRADE YOUR BEST DEFENSEMAN.

4. Our opinions on Columbus are very similar, I just think they are a bit worse off than you think they are, they need a lot of TLC to be a contender in 5 years.

And Lastly that note is such a lie, every single one of those players are outliers in their own rights, getting elite talent in the later rounds is so goddamn rare you could never hope to build a team around assuming your just better at scouting than everyone else in the league. Any team without a gm named Yzerman is lucky to get ONE let alone TWO like Carolina has been blessed with. (Praise be Carolina luck gods). Your perfect world hindsight of what teams should have done is ignorant to the reality of the odds of getting great players in the draft.

SURE, if you could draft better than anyone else, take advantage of other GM's and get steals of deals through trades, and get inexpensive valuable players in free agency OF COURSE YOU WOULD BE BETTER OFF. That is not reality, reality is, you take chances that might bite you later on. Im not saying GM's are all good at their jobs, quite the opposite. I'm not saying this Josi contract is necessarily good, Josi might fall off a cliff in 2 years who the hell knows. What I am saying is you don't trade away the best player on your team while you have a serious chance for a deep playoff run for the chance at another superstar in 2/3 years that you will run into the same problem with.</div></div>

Thank you very much dude, that's just how it is. Couldn't agree more! Also if anybody thinks this is a bad contract, please listen to the chiclets episode from last week. I also think it's funny how a leafs fan in here is trying to tell us what a bad contract is.