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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Poehling</b></div><div>keyboard warrior ? I just said lol cause it doesnt make sense. So if you do Deslauriers for McDavid you want us to say : Hey bud, McDavid is a better player because he's faster etc ?</div></div>

Then say it doesn't make sense don't put lol which you have done on a numerous occasions to me which obviously sounds like you think my posts are joke, I'll gladly back-up my thinking on all trades but hate getting silly comments from someone who doesn't make an effort to see my way of thinking. Like I said before I'd just prefer you don't comment on my posts unless you're going to ask a serious question or give on honest answer not a quick remark just to get likes. You obviously love this website as you post on it weekly, why would you want to put down other people who are enjoying the website just like you just because you don't understand.

Just to share my way of thinking further; I hope you read my description earlier too as I mentioned a team like Nashville who wasn't happy with Turris and are trying to sign Duchene would gladly take in young depth players or cheaper players plus prospects and picks for Turris because they don't want money coming back in the deal unless they're getting an elite player which the Habs aren't going to do. It may be a low ball offer but no team is going to give up a first for Turris after that season, if they do it's a mistake. Knowing how cap struck the Preds/Bolts/Leafs/Knights/Jets are should really give the other teams the advantage in trades and allow for some one sided deals do you not agree?
So instead of the deal being just what I posted, imagine the deal being made on the basis Duchene signs there, so Nashville gets Duchenne, a second, a 4th line grinder that would likely play very little but can step up, two players that provide depth with NHL experience that come cheap and a very young prospect while only giving up a 4th pick, a player they're upgrading at the position and a low level prospect that likely wouldn't be signed back. I know it doesn't work like that at all but GM's know pretty well at the draft how good their chances are with free agent's which is why draft Day is always so busy.
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