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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ReelBigFan</b></div><div>LMAO, okay Mr. TK is Middle 6, I am totally the biased one here and never supported an argument with factual numbers on why TK is a top line player and worth the aforementioned value.

Oh, and FYI, bringing up a trade of a guy that was going to be offer-sheeted since the Rangers could not afford him was pretty hilarious. Not to mention his numbers and TK without AV were pretty much the same… Blais also was a guy lots of people were high on to become a solid 3rd pair power forward/ grinder type, but injures slowed him down.

It would’ve been just as pointless for me to mention Hagel in this discussion.</div></div>

How can you call me biased lmao I have 0 bias for or against Konecny lmao?? One of us is a flyers fan, one is a sabres fan, I wonder which one would be biased?? Konecky is a good second line player, but I think he'd be on more 3rd lines in the league than first lines, thus me saying middle 6. Buchenvic with the offer sheet factor was a poor example, meant to mention Reinhart as well, who not going to be offer sheeted, and got a late first and good prospect, while being better than Konecny. I know his numbers and play wer e better pre AV, but that was years ago, he doesn't have the same value he did before, but that should be obvious. You said top line player, just wondering which team in the league would he be a top line player on? There's definitely some, but there's also some he'd definitely be on the 3rd line for.
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