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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LoganOllivier</b></div><div>Ennis was supposed to be a skill guy, and he couldn't produce with Matthews. Hyman scored 20 goals, yes empty netters helped but its not like he doesn't put up points. The guy has done all the hard stuff no one else in the lineup has the heart to do and still puts up more than a point every 2 games and scored 20 goals in an injury shortened season. 1 less than Kapanen who gets all the love but hasn't produced as much as Hyman. Is Kapanen more skilled? Sure but do the Leafs really lack in skill?

You really don't understand why I think Hyman is necessary. You act like I am just a lunch pale type of player fan, I am not. I think they have their place and are important to a degree. Hyman on his contract with what he provides is a valuable piece of the puzzle. Moore, Marchment, Petan, whoever, all those guys are cheaper by more than a million but none can do what Hyman does. So taking out the only guy who likes crashing the net and replacing him with small skilled guys isn't a help. Sure chances on the rush are entertaining but that is all you are going to have when you replace the Hymans of the world with the Petan's of the world. Its fair weather fan stuff to think that only fast skilled perimeter players are going to win in all situations.

Remember every year in the playoffs, the refs put away their whistles and that is when small guys really start having trouble finding space, Hyman creates space for his teammates. Until someone else can prove to do the same, Hyman isn't going anywhere. This is why I am in favour of moving Kapanen.

I hope he takes off like a bat out of hell and then trade him for max value. Or keep him until injuries are a problem or something.</div></div>

I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm also not the one making personnel decisions for the Leafs, neither are you. The people that are in control, have been moving out the Hyman's of the world for cheaper skill guys. To me, given the cap situation, I believe it is very likely there are trades coming rather than the alternative but it doesn't matter to me either way.

I too am concerned about the size and physicality of this Leafs group but I also don't believe we've seen the best of what this group can do because prior to this year, it was an incomplete project.

If Hyman misses 15 games and this all offence style is working, it's a coin flip whether he takes the ice again. Babcock wants him back, many others do as well but Dubas has gotten rid of all the players with flaws in their game and I'd be surprised if Hyman lasts the year.

I'd love to see someone grab Hyman's spot and produce career years for the line but until someone has a chance, we don't know who can.

Everyone said Zaitsev and Marleau couldn't be moved. No one wanted to move Kadri or let the free agents walk. Dubas doesn't care what we all think and the approach I take is focusing on what he might do given what he has done. A big winger with hands for that line would be lovely..we know what no hands can do..
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LoganOllivier</b></div><div>Or, they trade Kapanen if the cap issues are too insurmountable. He's easily the easiest to replace player on the team and could bring back a much nicer return while saving even more off the cap. For all the love Kapanen gets, he failed miserably in the second half of the season and was a complete non factor in the playoffs. In fact, the single greatest issue the Matthews line had in the playoffs was a total lack of rebound offense. Matthews would score or the other team would get the puck back. For a guy that shoots as well as Matthews, having someone who can get to the front, screen the goalie or get a rebound in is important. Do you know how much rebound offense the Matthews line was able to create in the playoffs last season? Zero. And I am not exaggerating.

Want to know what happens if you get rid of everyone with the will to take the abuse you get from going to the net? A bunch of perimeter players.</div></div>

Kapanen is possible but highly improbable considering the direction the team is going. He didn't fit well on Matthews line and it remains to be seen how well he does with Tavares.
The return would be better but given how the team walks from all their UFAs, it's hard to imagine trading the younger, better Kapanen over the older Hyman considering their contract situations.

It may very well be a perimeter game they're after and I'm not advocating for or against it. The roster hasn't fit together particularly well the last couple of years but it seems closer to optimal now.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LoganOllivier</b></div><div>Worst winger and was yet somehow 2/3rds of JT's line when he had his best single season in his career. Hyman isn't flashy, he doesn't have great hands, isn't the best stick handler, sure. But he's big, he battles in front creating space and havoc for the goalie to see through, he gets the puck back, plays great defence, hits people, draws penalties, those are the reasons why he is not replaceable currently on the team. Who else goes to the net? Tavares does, but he also does a million other things and you don't really want an elite centre taking abuse from defenceman in the grease all the time. Johnsson tries but he's also 5'10" and a 180 pounds. Kapanen doesn't have a net front presense, Mikheyev may be able to do some of that but he hasn't shown it yet. Korshkov could be a replacement, but he is still pretty raw. So until someone comes up and proves they can be sound defensively, forecheck better than most, be a net presence and kill penalties and on top of all that be a 20 goal scorer, Hyman is the best person for the JT line.</div></div>

You're the president of the Hyman fanclub. Got it.

Hyman himself is irrelevant but his salary is what actually matters. The team has to decide whether he is worth 3 replacement wingers or the cap headaches of running short bodies all season.
Given that the Leafs top 4 wingers are currently playing with their top 2 centers, and given Dubas' ability to upgrade via trade while also solving cap issues, the impending cap crunch may not be seen as a problem by the team but rather an opportunity.
Another team that shares your enthusiasm for Hyman's work away from the puck may have interest in a package that solves problems for both sides.
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