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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gregb569</b></div><div>Good thing you didn't acknowledge my Gubdranson statement!

When I make a trade, I go off past trade values. If Gudbranson costs no assets to move and we get something (although basically nothing in a 7th rounder) there is 0 basis for you to say it costs a 1st to move JJ.</div></div>

With the "value" of this trade, there is little to no incentive for Ottawa to take on the remaining 3 years at a combined 8.25 million in actual money of a 33 year old 5-6 LHD. Not for a 3rd as a "sweetner" and giving up a 5th round pick on top of taking on a bad contract. Maybe if there was retention on JJ. Point is the value and is not there, plain and simple. Gudbranson's contract is different and not nearly as bad of a contract as that of JJ's. 1 year compared to 3 more after this season... Also, Anaheim needed stability on the back end at the time because of a lack of RHD suitable to Guddy's role. It was a win for both teams.

Let's do a little analysis of this proposed deal:

#1- The contract is bad one that is universally criticized to this day.
#2- JJ would be in the way of development. Ottawa has numerous, young, more mobile and more talented LHD that would be suitable to the 5-6 role (Wolanin, Borowiecki, Brannstrom, Lajoie and Mike Reilly).
#3- Ottawa doesn't need help reaching the cap floor when there is more than enough bodies in house that need to be re-signed that will do that (Borowiecki, Duclair, Tierney). Not to mention the amount UFA's that can sign 1 year deals.
#4- A 3rd round pick in this years draft as a sweetner is laughable when other sweetners included prospects and higher-round picks. Hence <a href="/users/MelnykOut" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@MelnykOut</a>'s counter of a 1st round pick. Look what it cost to move Marleau and Zaitsev in Toronto, which is a more comparable trade in this instance than that of Gudbranson.
#5- This trade heavily favours that of Pittsburgh. There is no way that it doesn't. It will cost more to move him.
#6- The need for Pittsburgh to move JJ is a lot higher than Ottawa's need to acquire him. Which is why it will cost more for Ottawa to take him on.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Zbaddest</b></div><div>Not sure his ceiling is better. I think Tkachuk is better than Stone in hitting, crashing the net, shooting a lot, and in skating, but Stone's defensive game, takeaway expertise, his shot's accuracy and release, and the fact that he's in his prime, I think, make Tkachuk's next contract non-comparable to the one Stone recently got.

Again, Chabot got paid $8 million to play 30 minutes a night, he is extremely talented, calm, and potentially the team's captain. Tkachuk will get paid big, just hopefully not as big as Chabot. Ottawa will need that cap space in a few years.</div></div>

In a few years, Ryan will no longer be paid by Ottawa, freeing up 7.25 million. Anisimov (4.55) and Gaborik's contract (4.75) are gone after next year. If a CBO is used, Zaitsev will be gone. That frees up another 4.5 right away (21 million total). Even at that, Zaitsev is our only competent RHD right now so I think he'll stay put. Point is, I don't think paying players will be a problem down the road. I think hitting the cap floor will be the issue. I also find it funny that apart from White and Chabot, that those 4 guys are the highest paid on the team. It's a wonderful problem to have when you have a solid prospect pool.

Tkachuk drove the majority of the play this year (as a winger) so I think the talent is there to get away with paying him 8x8 (which isn't a lot when the cap is going up in a few years). Imagine what he could do with an actual top talent center that isn't Colin White or Chris Tierney? Two 20 goal seasons as a 20 year old is nothing to scoff at.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Zbaddest</b></div><div>I don't see the Atlantic like that honestly. The Leafs' defence isn't great, Montreal isn't great, Detroit is Detroit, perhaps Buffalo will be a little better, panthers are the panthers, and Bruins and Lightning will still be really good but Marchand is turning 32, Bergeron 35, Hedman 30, and Stamkos is 30. Yes, all these teams have really good up and coming players but I think Ottawa has the players to compete with those teams<strong> in a few years</strong>.</div></div>

Key words here. I get this is the roster outlook for 2021-22. But, staying the course for a proper rebuild involves 3-4 years of bottom 5-10 finishes. I would say that this past year was year 1. The full tear down started when Stone, Duchene and Dzingel were traded. Ottawa is extremely lucky to have 2 lottery picks this year so it kind of brings them back up to speed this year. It also helps that this draft is very top heavy so they're getting 2 good players right off the bat. That, and the recent proposed draft rules would have Ottawa finish no worse than 3 and 4.

The Atlantic is still going to be strong:

Toronto's D is going to get better with Liligren and Sandin getting regular spots. Rielly and Muzzin are healthy. I would say their problem might be in goal come 2022. Boston seems to be aging like a fine wine which infuriates me to no end. Tampa Bay is going to be dominant still. Even with an "aging" core. Point, Cirelli, Sergachev, Vasilevsky? All 24 and under. Not to mention Coleman. Don't count Kucherov (25) out either with Palat (27) on the wing. Florida had an off year and looks to be, probably, off loading a bad contract either by CBO or by trade. Hopefully Ekblad becomes available and Ottawa swoops in. I'd love to see him and Chabot play 25 minutes a night. Detroit will remain bad for a few more years. A few lottery finishes puts them in a better position. Buffalo can only go up from here (I said that last year knowing full well they were going to get hot and then crash). Montreal is getting some much needed help on the blueline (Romanov) and up front with a fresh Caufield. They also have more picks in this years draft than Ottawa does. Watch for them make a push.

Ottawa has an exciting future, don't get me wrong. It's just foolish to think teams are going to start falling off a cliff by the time Ottawa becomes competitive again.
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