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Forum: Armchair-GMNov 28, 2019 at 10:28
Thread: 2021-22
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Paul13</b></div><div>I need a Rangers fan to explain Skjei to me. I've posted trades for him and I'm always told it's not enough or he isn't for sale. In this post the Rangers are giving him away. You look like you don't want to give him away, but your response makes it sound like you would at least be willing to trade him. So I'm not sure what to think.</div></div>

hi paul, i can help you with this. Skjei grew through our organization. he became our best player in hartford, he had top 4 defenseman written all over him. his rookie season he played great for a rookie. but many forgot that he was 23 years old by seasons end, a little older than many rookies in the league and had a few seasons of pro hockey under his belt already. after season one the ranger world had him as our next ryan mcdonough because he showed solid 2 way ability. which he still has he just is insanely inconsistent with it. rangers took a chance signing him to a big contract after just 2 seasons hoping if he ends up being a top pair d they would hit a home run with him. it didn't happen, Skjei still has 2nd pair defensemen material but a lot of night he is a liability defensively. his decision making is below average. imo, at this point in his career i see him as a low second pair d or a very good 3rd pair d. with the players the rangers having coming up through their farm system they will be able to replace his production at a much cheaper cap hit. the team needs a top left d, Skjei isn't the guy for it. in the last 2 seasons he hasn't found a defense partner to gelled with, maybe it's his fault or the other players on the team.

imho, if the team was able to move him i would do it. i think they still can, he is guy and plays a lot of mins a night. if he played on a team that let him be more offense i think he would impress fans more. his rookie season the rangers gave him more time in the offensive zone, but now the rangers have more better offensive d men on the right side, he isn't utilized the same way his rookie season.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NoWah49</b></div><div>If you could pick a 2020 draft prospect you want, who's that player?</div></div>

Quinton Byfield is almost a full year younger then Lafreniere. 1st line centers are the hardest to find. we would need to get really lucky to grab another top 3 pick. the top 30 picks will change a lot by season end like it does every season. we need a top LD and a top LW or center. of course Lafreniere would be great, if we land the first pick probably can't pass on him.

hypothetical future top 2 lines here and some problems we might have.

Panarin - Mika - kakko
this could be one of the top lines in the league, they all score and have great play making abilities. panarin seems to mesh well with anyone he plays with, it's simply amazing lol.

? - Chytil - Kravtsov
the problem with this line is both chytil and kravtsov are shoot first players. both have decent play making ability but chytil isn't the prototypical playmaking center. Kravtsov last season showed he can create for other more than chytil. which is fine, mika is a shoot first center and he very good. Hartford wolfpack really missed an opportunity to play chytil and kravtsov together this season. i was so upset they didn't even try them together for practice. Lafreniere could really work well on that line. Lucas Raymond as well, the line could use a righty. Raymonds another kid that will be gone in the top 5 though.

the bottom 2 lines are going to change so much it's hard to predict on it. Lemieux and Howden are my favorite young players. the team has some players in the pipeline but it's too early to guess who will be good enough to not only make the team but put a contributor. i would re-sign Strome he is only 26, had a few more years in his prime. the team has a ton of good prospects that we all know about but let's not forget that most prospect don't become NHL players. a lot of these guys we have so much hope in aren't going to make it.

i really see gorton packaging some of the prospects for top 6 and top 4 players. that's the move i think is best for the team.
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