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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMs</b></div><div>So many things wrong here. You try to lower Chychrun value in the description, you try to say it’s hard to move on from Broberg because he might be the next Chychrun when he won’t. Chychrun is better than Nurse btw. You are adding cap dumps without saying THEY ARE CAP DUMPS. You need to pay to get rid of these players.

BOS are going Rask-Ullmark, if Rask retired this summer they keep Ullmark, if Rask stays, they might move Ullmark. But hey, you give them a tough, experienced dman lmao that made me laugh, Koekkoek !

Petry had a poor beginning of the year, but is style didn’t change at all. He is the same player, just on a very bad team. Not saying Petry have played great, he created more turnover than usual, but the facts he didn’t put points doesn’t mean he lost all is value because of a bad stretch ON A BAD TEAM. You are trying to sell high on Barrie when he is THE WORSE dman defensively in the ENTIRE league. He is so bad that you want to trade him (not only you more than half of the Oilers fan base). Lehkonen &gt; Lavoie so just there you need to add. We could take Barrie vs Hoffman but that’s it. Finally, Petry hated EDM, so he wouldn’t want to go there anyway.</div></div>

1. Read the team name

2. Chychrun is injury prone, FULL STOP.

He had an absolutely excellent year last year and has 3+ yrs left on a value contract. He is having a bad year statistically speaking, is it because of his team only, or does he have any part in that? Will he be the player he was (during a shortened season) last year and stay healthy for 80, 70, 50% of the remaining contract term left? I would not want him as my #1 D, but this is where Nurse takes that burden and wear &amp; tear off of him. How many teams offer that situation for Chychrun who have interest?

Yes, Chychrun is good, but he clearly comes with a lot of risk. We don’t know what Broberg is yet, he is on a potentially extreme value contract for the next 3 years, so this is very good from a Cap standpoint. I expect him to challenge for the 3LD slot next season and the 2LD spot the following season. These are reasonable expectations given his potential and based on historical Dman development (see Oscar Klefbom).

Simply put Chychrun is a risk to trade for, otherwise why is his team considering trading their very young, cost-controlled #1 Defenseman?

3. Petry’s is old, he is not what he was and he is not going to improve at anytime during the remainder of his contract. He is younger, bigger and a better skater than Duncan Keith, so in theory he should be a better player right now. Regardless he comes with a boatload of risk.

Chara (44) - score well to 37, Andy Greene (39)-defensive Dman, Duncan Keith (38) - score well to 35, Giordano (38) scored well to 37, Suter (37) scored well to 35, but still putting up decent numbers , Burns (36) not the goal-scorer he was but still very good, and 10 others are older than Petry, but are generally 3rd pair or 7th D.

Petry’s has 3 points, so calling him a number 1 deman is indefensible. He is still a serviceable top 4 option, but on a bad team he is not part of the solution and is currently not worth more than a 2nd Round pick and that is a stretch. 3 more years of that, well you’re gonna have to do something to sweeten the deal, like retain some salary.

Lavoie is not nothing, he is a 6’4” 21 year old goal scorer with 1 yr left on his entry deal, still finding his way as a Pro. After a very slow start he is starting to heat up, he had a 5 point game recently and has 5 goals in his last 6 games. I am sure the Canadiens wouldn’t mind him in their organization. He would be the equivalent of a 2nd rounder and will be in the NHL as soon as next year.

C’est cool, I did not know you were Petry’s agent.

4. Ullmark is one of 3 excellent goaltending options, but is the most expensive option. Like I said earlier, Swayman it is (but I bet Ullmark gets moved to bring in another forward and maybe it gets them a 1st rounder, but I really doubt it, see Robin Lehner).

5. Camp dumps, as you call them are a fact of life, 90% of deals are money in = money out. The Ullmark trade gives Boston $3,000,000 in cap space + a 3rd + plus Koekkoek, who has a 2yr contract; none of these are nothing.

Anyway, keep on kicking…
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Thread: Sibilance
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Thread: Sibilance
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Thread: Sibilance
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Skull_King</b></div><div>Yes, an overpaid bottom sixer, another bottom sixer, and a 3rd. What a wonderful offer! You know you would have to pay to get rid of bad contracts right? It's a simple no.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>your stuck with kassian just like the bruins are stuck with moore. nobody wants him. oilers fans need to stop trying to dump him and get value back.</div></div>

Your passion for your team is awesome to see, but your biases are blinding.

1. Moore hasn’t been a regular NHLer for 3 seasons, this doesn’t make him remotely comparable to Kassian, who has had a lot of EV success as the RW for both of the top NHL scorers over the past 3 seasons.

2. You can say that Kassian has had the advantage of TOI with McDavid and Draisaitl and this is true, but to his credit he has had better results than Puljujarvi, Hyman and Yamamoto who are all current top 6 wingers. That gives one a hint as to his value; it is simple: play him with skill and he will score.

3. What does DeBrusk do? He is only being given playing time to attempt to increase his trade value. He scored 27 goals in 2018-19. He has 10 over the past 2 seasons and 29 in the past 3. He does not have the value of a 30 goal scorer, even though you think so. This is the same argument I had with DRW fans regarding Anthanasiou, who once scored 30. Holland overpaid for him when he was terrible and in the end it cost him 2 second rounders for 1 goal (off his hip in his first game) in 13 games. To compare with DeBrusk, AA has 24 goals over his last 3 seasons, after potting 30 in 2018-19. But AA didn’t make any trade demands….

4. This is a fair trade of 3rd line wingers who can move up if needed. DeBrusk needs a change of scenery and there are tons of Oiler fans who don’t want anything to do with him, especially after the AA disaster.

Bottom line is, Kassian probably has more value than JD right now…