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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sebybbq</b></div><div>There actually no GM’s that openly said yeah this year goal is to miss playoff! We want to be so bad that nhl will give us the first pick by pity. The bergevin message was more we tried to make playoff but we pursue or plans
That is building the team with the draft.

I don’t know why all that hate for him. For first time since the mid 90’s habs look in really good posture for futur year</div></div>

I agree with 90 % of what you're saying. The complain I hold against Bergevin is exactly what you mentionned in your first lines. ''A GM will not say openly that he will miss the playoffs !''

That's exactly the problem. Rangers have openly said they were rebuilding. Look at who they got :KAKKO. LOS ANGELES admitted they were rebuilding : they will get the top picks for a few years. If Montreal had the courage to really rebuild, they could have drafted one or two Dahlin, Rantanen, Marner, Heiskanen etc. over the last few years

One more reason for tanking : top UFA seem to always want to play for the same 4-5 teams and Montreal is not one of them. So how do you get the all-star players.

I wish the NHL would change the rules about draft selection because now the losers are the winners. Look at Toronto. Why are they contenders now ?

So until the rules change, the recipe is too contend 4-5 years, than loose 4-5 years. So let'S do it play Suzuki on power play, Poelhing on 2nd line with Drouin and Domi...ask Lekhonen to go all the way for offense (not defense), keep Mete on 1st, and think : dernière for Lafrenière
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