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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabStraction</b></div><div>I agree with 90 % of what you're saying. The complain I hold against Bergevin is exactly what you mentionned in your first lines. ''A GM will not say openly that he will miss the playoffs !''

That's exactly the problem. Rangers have openly said they were rebuilding. Look at who they got :KAKKO. LOS ANGELES admitted they were rebuilding : they will get the top picks for a few years. If Montreal had the courage to really rebuild, they could have drafted one or two Dahlin, Rantanen, Marner, Heiskanen etc. over the last few years

One more reason for tanking : top UFA seem to always want to play for the same 4-5 teams and Montreal is not one of them. So how do you get the all-star players.

I wish the NHL would change the rules about draft selection because now the losers are the winners. Look at Toronto. Why are they contenders now ?

So until the rules change, the recipe is too contend 4-5 years, than loose 4-5 years. So let'S do it play Suzuki on power play, Poelhing on 2nd line with Drouin and Domi...ask Lekhonen to go all the way for offense (not defense), keep Mete on 1st, and think : dernière for Lafrenière</div></div>

You might finish last four year and a row and pick 4th in every draft so having One, two or
Three dahlin is really unrealistic. Plus rantanen was 10th overall, pastrnak 25th overall, Kuznetsov 25th overall so its more then just finishing last then making good selection. Buffalo pick up in the top ten last 7 year and they still are bad. Edmonton same
Thing. Montreal was in rebuilding mode and everyone knew it i just think that he never thought montreal would be that good last year. Trading Pacioretty for tatar and suzuki and galchenyuk for a year younger domi is rebuilding. Bringing armia, kulak, kk all that is rebuilt
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Thread: DROUIN
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabStraction</b></div><div>I love Drouin but he has to play with more intensity. That's the trademark of the team.
Drouin can really a key player for us but <strong>only </strong>if put in the right situation. He is really weak along the boards.
Possibily 1 : IN A FAST LINE : With Domi and Shaw last year they were really fast and when playing teams with a more open style they were able to enter the zone easily and create chances. But when playing teams that brought them along the boards, they were not a good line. In other words, they were not able to install in the attacking zone for a long time
Possibility 2 : LESS FAST BUT STRONGER LINE : This is a better option for playoff hockey. Put Drouin with 2 relatively big guys : 1 guy strong on the boards and one sniper. For example, with a center like O'Reilly and a RW winger like Tarasenko. Or in Vegas, with Stasny and Stone. Since we don't have a RW sniper, i would do Drouin - Poelhing (strong) - Domi. or when KK gets stronger … Drouin - KK - Armia (strong).
But ideally, Drouin - KK - Laine</div></div>

I like the idea of a Drouin Domi Byron line and a Drouin KK Armia line. I think one thing we have to really consider is that KK is gonna grow. He could potentially hit 50 or more points next season. he's only 19. Honestly, I see him taking over a 2C spot behind Domi and having Danault slide down to 3C. His playmaking ability would be interesting to see beside Drouin. and Armia is excellent along the boards.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 10, 2019 at 11:33
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabStraction</b></div><div>Billy, i like your ideas and would like your opinion on this : Because of his strenght and size and good passing skills, I can see Poehling as a winger for KK. Fighting for the puck near the boards and giving it back to KK at center who will construct the play. I've watched KK at the world junior and he really was the play maker but his wingers were strong on the boards. Caufield could be RW on that line as the sniper. Of course i'm talking in 3-4 years .</div></div>

you're points are all right on the money , i just think Domi-Poehling is more fitting and in time Poehling can cycle into Center full time .
i just dont see us pairing him with someone who's going to be a Center long term , with Domi it makes sense as the plan was always to find him a Center

i heard that they were thinking about playing him on Domi's RW which makes sense as Domi struggles with faceoffs and its gives that line Size. Poehling can take the faceoffs and cycle to the boards getting the puck as you described . To me i think if you're putting anymore with KK to get pucks out of corners its 6'4 Armia and 6ft Lehkonen they're the best duo when it comes to cycling pucks out of the corner , its not even close . (Tatar doesnt cycle he drives by keeping open for a shot in the slot ,Drouin does the same , Gallagher parks infront of the net , Byron Cycles solid )

KK , Lehkonen and Armia are solid but its important for them to play this year together because Ylonen might be held out 1 more season possibly but he's coming. KK and Ylonen are gonna be great as Ylonen is your guy who will battle along the boards and gets most of his points after digging out a puck and walking out from the half wall for a Snipe . he's everything you'd want to have for KK and honestly i think Lehkonen-KK-Ylonen could be a lethal line long term .

Teasdale-Olofsson-Evans (gonna be a great line for battling on the boards , lots of skill here )

the exciting thing is even with all those new faces there's still a bunch of quality prospects
that will likely break their way into the line up and push others out .
Coach Bouchard in Laval has given us quality by polishing prospects like Kulak for example and getting him set for CJ system.
the new approach has been the AHL and NHL coaches meet then decide direction and style based on needs(and its been successfull)