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Sep 28, 2020
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Thread: Built to Win
I will concede Eichel is low and I have revised trade to 2 1st round picks, a 23 yr top 4 D with 400 games, young top line C w/ 30 goal consistency.
On the flip side, the Gaudreau trade is under valued and I am not changing this one. They are one of 5 teams that he could sign with, but would need extra bump by having him play for 2 years to outbid Philly/NYR or maybe even Islanders or Washington when UFA. And he would immediately fill in where Hall was for good salary cap value to keep young offense progressing.
Reports are a few teams have already balked at offering much less then a top 6 C for Laine, so I could maybe play around with that a bit but we will see if he even moves. He should be worth more but I will just pull this trade out.
Ceci is a quality RD when utilized on a structured team. He should never be in a top 4 again or take on massive lifting for the D but as a 5/6 right shot there are much worse options.
For Lucic trade, gets a warm body to eat up cap space without actually paying a lot of real dollars and pick up an extra 1st rounder. I know Calgary doesn't believe in offering 1st rounders which is why this would never happen but if they ever offered this it would get taken in a heartbeat. If I was Ottawa, I may consider buying him out to reduce the actual dollars more while still keep cap floor at bay for a couple years.
I don't think anyone here has great knowledge to what players are going to sign for this year, for Markstrom. I heard over radio recent reports are Lehner is nearing $5 for 5 years w/ Vegas, so if that is this years market value based on flat cap then I wouldn't pay too much more for Markstrom. Don't think Vancouver would match similar either, and if in bidding war Cgy would have a little more cap room to play with. I bumped value and term but any more might as well go after Lehner who is better goalie.
Forum: Calgary FlamesSep 30, 2020 at 3:01