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Forum: Armchair-GM19 hours ago
Thread: Kings
Forum: Armchair-GM19 hours ago
Thread: Kings
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>Deslauriers with retention is a late 3rd fairly easily, Seeler, has the metrics and a lot of teams would have him at 775k for a good 4th, maybe even a late 3rd, but Thomas and Parik are starting to reach the meh stage. Parik is not playing well in the ECHL and Thomas is alright, but the shine of those are off. Thomas is probably PHI’s 4th best forward prospect AT BEST, not including that youngsters like farabee, cates, frost, Allison, tippet are in the NHL now and ahead of him. So Parik and Thomas do NOT offset taking on TWO years of 5mil tanking Petersen. I think you’d have to add something PHI actually wants for them to give up two players they don’t want to give up for that offer.

Matt Murray cost 33% retention down to 4.7mil and cost OTT a high in the round 3rd, to get rid of him, I just don’t think Parik and Thomas are enough for someone to take on that cap dump of Petersen and the 2 low in the round 3rds are pretty fair, market value for Deslauriers and Seeler

This is about the 4-5th time you've proposed pretty much this deal for these 2 players, and every time when I say not enough, you counter with something like deslauriers isn;t worth a 3rd, then stop proposing to acquire him.</div></div>

This is a quote from you: "PHI will have cap space so just join the two deals and make it realistic: Deslauriers at 50% and Seeler for cap dump Petersen, two 3rds and a 4th and a meh prospect, Akili Thomas?"

I admit I missed the 4th round pick part, I will change it.
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Thread: Stanley Cup
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Thread: 2023-2024
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>Philadelphia has some intriguing young guys, potentially the cap space, need and desire. RW in Philly is Koneckny, Atkinson, Tippett, Bobby Brink, Wade Allison, LW is Farabee, Cates, Foerster, Gautheir, Desnoyers, Deslauriers, two likely top 10 1sts in 2024 (FLA and PHI), and a solid defense under the age of 28 (Sanheim, Provorov, DeAngelo, Ristolinen, York, Attard, Andrae, etc...), so maybe one from each of those groups and the 1sts kind of basis? (say Tippett, Farabee, York and two 1sts as a start).

Agree with both, the team has tried to roll with the big four and this is the last chance at that structure, they cant get to the next TDL without moving one of nylander/matthews, because you know they'll be 1st/2nd/3rd in their division and under pressure AGAIN to win the cup, you cant really trade matthews at TDL and just say "dont worry this is for the better future".
And I think the idea of Nylander taking 9mil and Matthews 14mil is really low, nylander is easily a 10mil at least guy in this market and matthews 15+. While I would keep matthews and marner, trade nylander and let tavares expire, this team has emptied the tank and has so few prospects and few picks to make the same moves theyve made this year,m and lessens the ability of highend ELC youngsters filling in the gaps.</div></div>

You're right about the high end ELCs, they are needed by virtually good team to counteract the high cap for the stars. So much on the Leafs trading their "stars" will depend on whether Leafs management wants to "go for it" next season or reload. Leafs don't have on regular Leaf in the lineup that was drafted by Dubas.
I can't see a "poor" team especially trading for Matthews, unless it is a sign and trade. And then we get into the situation if Matthews wants to go to poor team, although as you suggest some poor teams have the cap and potential.
Nylander....he has been outstanding this season. I just wonder if team will want to commit to him as 28 year old UFA to seven or eight years.
But moving any of the top players at next TDL kinda means the Leafs won't be winning next season. To me, it's keep everybody for a run, and take your chances signing them in the summer of 2024
But heck, even if not signed.....Matthews/Nylander/Brodie would give Leafs lots of cap in summer of 2024.
I say sell, I can wait another few more seasons for Leaf Cup :laugh . But geez not too long, I',m 68 years old.
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Thread: 2023-2024
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Thread: 2023-2024
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>Agree with some, I just cant see the leafs losing the cap space as long as they're looking at Matthews, Nylander and then Marner all hitting UFA. 600k isn;t much in 23-24, but 2.6mil in 24-25 is. The failed TV deals have kind of hinted that the cap might not shoot up and Laughton/Sandstrom are better in the next 2-3 yrs than Murray/Niemala. Im torn on Holmberg, SAD, and Steeves and could easily see them NOT re-signing Kampf if they acquire the better 2-way Laughton, with one of the younger guys getting 4th line C.

Not re-signing Kampf and playing Holmberg or SDA on 4th line, allows a more reasonable Zucker offer (I've gone too cheap at 2.9, but 3.6 is more realistic) and allows for a better 4th line LW option than Heinen - maybe Evan Rodrigues/Pulijarvi/Kapanen is a better but slightly more 200-400k option.</div></div>

I've been saying for years that Matthews isn't resigning with the Leafs. But let's imagine the cap goes up from 82.5m to 86,5m in 24/25 a 4m increase. If Matthews gets 14m and Nylander 9m, that's an increase of 4.4m for just those two guys. It doesn't make the Leafs better and they will other players expect pay increases also.
Leafs ownership have interesting decision this summer. If the Leafs "fail" in the playoffs does Dubas keep his job? And the other big decision is TDL February 2024, are the Leafs sellers of upcoming UFAs for Matthews, Nylander and Brodie? Reload for with futures which Dubas has traded away at TDL...with no results , and go into summer of 2024 UFA market with lots of cap.