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Forum: NHL SigningsJul. 23, 2021 at 10:41 p.m.
Forum: NHL SigningsJul. 23, 2021 at 10:35 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HonestHockeyNYI</b></div><div>Holy overpay....and that's gonna hurt more if they give him any sort of trade/move protection.</div></div>

Oh give it a rest, as a Hawks fan I'm not too fond of this deal either however do any of you really believe other GM's could have done any better? if you do then you obviously haven't been paying attention to free agency because there would be at least a half a dozen GM's lined up to give Jones that deal - it's just the way it works - its the reality of free agency... GM's work themselves into temporary hysteria and offer insane contracts and probably regret it before the ink is dry.... So please save the criticism because we all know that's how it works..

I mean ideally, er if I was Bowman I would have focused on adding much needed defenseman via UFA. This UFA class isn't too shabby, Suter, Savard, Yandle er Hjalmarsson would have all been adequate "stopgaps" that could hold the blue line until the kids were ready to take over in a few years and you can bet all of the aforementioned would be open to 3-year deals at less than 5 per season. Heck, I bet all 4 could be had for 3M per...

But yea, the idea that Seth Jones was going to sign for anything less is laughable. Realistically Jones is worth around 8M per, but unrestricted free agency in the NHL (probably all sports) somehow manages to violate objective reality and it seems almost every UFA that's signed is overpaid. I mean name the last time a top UFA was signed and you said to yourself "Wow, __________ really got a bargain on that deal, that contract is going to age gracefully", lol - yea, that just doesn't happen.. smh
Forum: NHL SigningsJul. 23, 2021 at 10:21 p.m.
As a Hawks fan I was initially a real proponent of making the trade to bring in Seth Jones, however the more I thought about it the more opposed I became. And now I'm of the opinion that this was totally unnecessary - I mean all the Hawks needed (and still do) are a couple of UFA short-term defensive signings to man the blue line until the kids were ready to takeover, however this is a massive knee-jerk reaction to a problem that had it's solution rooted in unrestricted free agency.. And what Bowman had to give up to make this happen is straight up ridiculous. I mean I don't know if I would have traded Boqvist straight up for Seth Jones because there is no doubt Boqvist will eventually be the better of the two, and without a doubt Boqvist will be chasing a Norris within 5 years, right around the time Bowman realizes he made a massive mistake. Also, weather this is true or not -- but Bowman just made a franchise defenseman out of Seth Jones.

If I was in Bowman's shoes and if there was any truth to the rumors that Columbus was asking for Dach or DeBrincat in the deal, I would have walked away at that very moment and not continued to try and negotiate, that would have been the end of it.. But if I had to make an offer it certainly wouldn't have included Boqvist, I mean he should have been just as untouchable as Dach or DeBrincat - however I would have offered something along the lines of Dylan Strome, Nicolas Beaudin and a 2nd round pick, if not then no deal.. And as far as the extension, I think a realistic value would have been 8x8.

As far as the extension --- I'm not going to say there are any GM's in the league that could have done any better - there was zero doubt that Jones be it now or as a UFA would want 9M+ per on a maximum term contract - that was just going to be the reality of the Jones situation, however Bowman could have steered clear of it.. I mean it only cost Bowman Adam Boqvist, the 11th overall pick and a 2022 first round pick -- oh yea, and on top of all of that -- a cap hit of 9.5 million per season for the next 7 years. Sorry but that price tag for Seth Jones just isn't worth it... And of course Columbus takes Cole Sillinger with the pick, smh...

Of course despite my feelings on the deal itself, Seth Jones is still a really good add however I just don't like the price. And like I pointed out -- you can criticize the extension all you like however don't pretend for a second that Jones wasn't getting 9M+ from any GM via extension or as a UFA..
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Forum: NHL TradesAug. 14, 2018 at 11:50 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>I believe the reason the Hawks had to give Arizona some sweeeteners is because of the possibility that Hossa is deemed medically fit at some time. Then he wouldn't be on IR and Arizona would be responsible for his cap, though just a nominal 1m a year in pay. Hossa could not afford Hossa's cap if he returned to play.
Some one mentioned the Leafs "shenanigans" with LTIR. It wasn't the cap hit but it was how Lupul was able to stay on LTIR for years. But that decision was made by Lupul and the NHL. Leafs were sweating last fall when Lupul had his medical, he failed so the Leafs got the cap benefit. If he passed medically the Leafs would have sent him to minors and the Leafs would have 4.25m cap hit. Of course Lupul didn't want to ride the buses in AHL, so his motivation to pass the medical was minimal.</div></div>

I see this trade as fair...... The Hawks missed Kruger's defense tremendously and it showed, not only that but the Hawks got Entwhistle, who is a big kid with great potential - he was someone Bowman wanted to draft... IMO, Bowman got everything he wanted..

I mean Hinostroza is as good as he will ever be - he's not going to develop anymore.... The Hawks got 4 million more in cap space, a player they could really use now and a nice prospect with decent upside, and they lost what? Hinostroza and Oesterle?... A 3rd line winger and a 5th-6th defenseman (at best).... Bowman got what he wanted, Chekya got what he wanted. It's a fair deal.

If it matters I like Hinostroza, but the Hawks got a decent return and I think they will be a better team with Kruger than with Hinostroza... On ice the Hawks needed a true shutdown center, and that's exactly what they got.
Forum: NHL TradesAug. 14, 2018 at 11:37 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>krakowitz</b></div><div>I will say this about the Hawks cap situation: as much as the team is in trouble right now and looks to be stuck in no man's land for some time, there's a reason that they're in this position. That reason is that they won three damn Cups in 6 years. That's better than any team can say in a long time. I'd love for my team to be in this scenario right now if we had three Cups this decade. They got their hardware, and now they're dealing with the issues that come with it. But at the end of the day, their names are on the Stanley Cup three times, so is it worth it? I think so.</div></div>

I think it's funny.....

The Hawks will be fine....

I got news for some - Hinostroza is nothing special - not only that but the Hawks have MANY MANY MANY prospects that have more than enough potential to be very very good bottom 6 players.... The only real problem the Hawks have is the fact they don't have any top goalie prospects, but other than that this team has a bright future - and when I say future I mean like being as good as they were in 2010 and beyond in the next couple of years....

The Hawks know how to develop players - Hinostroza is proof which is why I find this thread a bit ironic - because the same brass and system that drafted and developed him (6th round pick, 169th overall) has a boatload of prospects in the system that have WAY MORE TALENT than Hinostroza.... Look at the Hawks draft record, look at who they have drafted and WHERE the Hawks drafted.... The Hawks have no business having half the talent they do, but they do because they draft well and they give their prospects all the time they need to develop..

In 2018 alone the Hawks basically got 4 first round picks in Boqvist, Beaudin, Wise &amp; Nordgren... Obviously Boqvist &amp; Beaudin were first round picks, however Wise was projected to go in the first round but he got injured and that lowered his draft stock -- and Nordgren has first round talent he just doesn't have first round size, and the Hawks took advantage of that like they did with DeBrincat... In the 2018 draft alone the Hawks got 2 top 2 defenseman and 2 top 6 forwards .....

I've been following the Hawks and hockey in general for 30 years and I have seen some terrible teams, and hopeless teams that had no future -- the present Hawks aren't one of those teams.

As far as this season, the Hawks aren't nearly as bad as some make them out to be... I think Hawks haters really just like bashing the Hawks and this is the first time in their lives they've been able to criticize the Hawks without being laughed at.... The "issues" right now with this team is defense and goaltending, but defense is more like a wild card because it's more unknown than a problem.... Goaltending certainly is a problem. If Crow is done the Hawks may have a problem unless one of their later round goalie picks can come out of nowhere -- it's not impossible and I trust the Hawks brass when it comes to talent, and goaltending is one of those positions where a 7th round pick turns out to be better than the first goalie taken in the draft, but right now the Hawks have no one , but you never know perhaps Delia, Forsberg or Lankinen come to camp and stun, because to be honest I really doubt Crawford will be back, and if one of these kids can outplay Ward they may find themselves starting for the Hawks and getting the confidence that comes with being a starting goalie in the NHL.

With that said, the Hawks have some problems presently but NOTHING even remotely close to what could be considered hopeless or long-term..... In 5 years this will be 2012-13 all over again for the Hawks.
Forum: NHL TradesAug. 14, 2018 at 11:09 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Gearhead</b></div><div>One thing that hasn't been discussed, the (unlikely) scenario where Hossa retires before his contract is done. If he does, then Chicago is hit by (if my math is correct) an $8m cap recapture penalty. And because he was traded, that amount is static until his contract term is done. Arizona can take the recapture penalty, the Hawks cannot. There is simply no room if Bowman signs anyone else (which is seeming less and less likely with each passing day).

Now, bear in mind that this is very unlikely, as everyone benefits if Hossa doesn't retire. The Yotes hit the salary floor, Hossa gets paid, and the Hawks get cap relief. Everyone wins...except Blackhawks fans.

You lost this trade. Giving up Hinestroza (an NHL caliber player with a point every other game last season) and Oesterle (a great defensive prospect who looks to make an impact within a few years) <em>and</em> a 3rd round pick for Kruger (a fourth-line center that you gave up last year for free) Entwistle (an unsigned AHL level player), Maletta (a decent prospect), Campbell (a 30-year-old who has less than 40 NHL games played and seems likely to only be called up in emergencies) and a 5th round pick? Doesn't look like Bowman won the trade. Is he trying to get fired? Because all of his moves this offseason could only be made by a GM that hates his job.

But I have no sympathies for you Hawks fans. After all, I bleed blue. So instead of being angry at Bowman, I'm laughing. Because this is <strong>HILARIOUS.</strong></div></div>

Hossa's not going to retire, he's getting a million dollars a year for doing basically nothing... If he retired he wouldn't get the million - not to mention he would never do that to the Hawks... No player will ever do that considering it's a dick move and a players would be giving up lots of $$$ doing something foolish like that.
Forum: The BoxAug. 13, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
Bought (5) blaster boxes of 16-17 Upper Deck Series One from Daves Card World for $81.00, got the lot this morning and pulled the following:

Auston Matthews Young Guns (I cant believe I pulled another one, especially out of a blaster).
Jesse Puljujarvi Young Guns
Sabastian Aho Young Guns
Matthew Tkachuk Young Guns
Josh Morrissey Young Guns
Nick Schmatlz Young Guns
Trevor Carrick Young Guns
Zach Hyman Young Guns
Austin Czarnik Young Guns (Funny, I pulled this one before I pulled the Matthews, and I almost lost it when I saw the name "Austin" as a slowly revealed the name - I felt teased, but I got the "Auston" I was looking for on box 3 of the break).
Nick Dowd Young Guns
Michael Matheson Young Guns Canvas

I also pulled these:

Portraits of; Karlsson, Johansen, Rinne, Burns &amp; Pieterangelo

Canvas cards of; Eichel, Pieterangelo, Zajac, Ryan &amp; Lunongo

Shining Stars of; Roman Josi (blue &amp; regular), Doughty, Burns, Ghostbehere &amp; Seabrook (which I have like 10 of already of both blue &amp; regular)..

The only base card I took was Connor McDavid and I pulled 3 of those out of 5 blaster boxes..

Not bad for $81.00 eh? I'm totally satisfied - The Matthews Young Gun goes for $175-$200 all day - but even without that hit I would have gotten my monies out of it.

Next Up for me is a half case of 2015-2016 Upper Deck Series one.... Obviously I'm looking for the McDavid Young Guns..

I also have on the way boxes of 1989-90 OPC, 1991-92 Stadium Club, 1991-92 Upper Deck, 2014-15 Fleer Ultra and a large "flat rate shipping box" stuffed with packs from the 90's (mostly with 89-90 OPC) so I will be looking for Sakic &amp; Leech RC's which I should get considering I have nearly 4 boxes on the way....

If anyone trades cards, I'm open for trades.
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Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 16, 2018 at 8:56 p.m.
Thread: Helping TB
Forum: NHL TradesJul. 16, 2018 at 8:18 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>krakowitz</b></div><div><a href="/users/HawksFan28" target="_blank">@HawksFan28</a> if Hossa's contract could just simply go on LTIR like you've been saying, why did this trade go down?

I can't wait to see you hide from the forums here when Chicago craps the bed AGAIN this year. You were wrong, admit it. This is the worst team in the division on paper. The worst. But they're going to hit 100 points, right? They're going to be legit contenders in the West, right? You crack me up sometimes.</div></div>

It could have gone on LTIR.......The entire situation is explained IN DETAIL here: <a href="http://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/07/06/marian-hossa-contract-and-its-affect-on-chicago-blackhawks-roster-moves/" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">http://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/07/06/marian-hossa-contract-and-its-affect-on-chicago-blackhawks-roster-moves/</a>

"LTIR Questions
The ability for a team to use the LTIR is a given. Most believe that the team does not get cap relief during the off-season. This is why fans were only told that the Blackhawks had $9 million plus in cap space available instead of nearly $15 million factoring in the Hossa contract. In reality, NHL teams do have LTIR cap relief during the off-season. This was proven last season by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The previous use of LTIR by the Leafs has bordered on creative “Shenanigan’s” to say the least. Check this out from Arvind from S.B. Nation:

So, James Mirtle of The Athletic dropped a bit of a bomb on everyone on Tuesday afternoon, when he wrote an article arguing that the Leafs are not actually up against the cap. His argument is that LTIR can be used in the offseason, and he quotes NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly as evidence.

“Yes, they can,” Daly said when asked if teams were permitted to access additional cap room in this fashion long before the season started. “Same as in-season.”

Salary Cap LTIR Education
For a complete and thorough education on LTIR and its effect on the salary cap check this out from CapFriendly.com :

“Can LTIR be used in the off-season?”

“Yes, LTIR can be used in the off-season while the 10% off-season cushion is active. LTIR in the off-season is calculated using the basic equation outlined above, which permits a team to exceed the off-season salary cap. To use off-season LTIR the team must provide doctors proof that the player in question will continue to be injured at the beginning of the regular season for 10 NHL games and 24 calendar days.”

“At the start of the season the teams LTIR relief &amp; ACSL is recalculated when the 10% cushion is removed.”

Cap Hit Or No Cap Hit?
This discovery actually creates more questions than answers for Blackhawk fans. If the LTIR provides cap relief during the off-season, why wasn’t this something used when Stan Bowman was signing free agents? Another $5 million plus may have altered the players signed, to say the least. Would Blackhawks fans still be in an uproar if Bowman had signed a top-tier free agent? Maybe, but that is what winning three Stanley Cups in six seasons can do to a fan base. Blackhawk fans expect a Cup run every year, not a rebuild as the team’s core ages.

Future Cap Concerns Ahead
The smart money is that Stan Bowman is preparing for the near future when his younger players will need to be taken care of financially. At the end of 2018-19, there will be numerous players becoming restricted free agents. (RFA’s) These include budding stars Dylan Sikura, Nick Schmaltz, Blake Hillman, Victor Ejdsell, Gustav Forsling, and potential goalie of the future Collin Delia.

This list does not include proven star Alex DeBrincat who led the team in goals last season. DeBrincat becomes an RFA at the end of 2020-21. Vinnie Hinostroza is another key player becoming an RFA at the same time as DeBrincat. You see where this is heading?

Planning and More Planning
Stan Bowman has another major roster problem on the horizon. He will need every spare dollar he can use to lock up the young players. These players will potentially make up the future core of the team very soon and must be taken care of to secure a competitive team going forward. It’s not easy for fans to see past the present where their favourite team did not make the playoffs. They need patience but do however have the right to expect the rebuild to be successful sooner than later as the current core ages. We’ll see what Bowman has in store for the team."