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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BOLTLOVER1</b></div><div>1st half observations ...

1. Kuch is back
2. Cirelli move to 2nd line C has been critical .. solidified the line and allows top 6 flexibility
3. Rutta has been very good.. although not last couple games .. but Shattenkirk has been incredible .. probably #1 surprise reason team is where is and he has helped Serg development
e. Serg has matured alot and play shows it .. miscues went from daily to minimal
f. Vaz is firmly back
g. Palat healthy and creating
h. Carter Verhege is a keeper and solid 3rd liner
I. If Shattenkirk is surprise #1 .. Killorn is #2 .. 20 goals? are you kidding me?
j. Maroon .. just as advertised
k. No sense even ruining post with Gourde and Tiny Tyler reviews

STILL need some 3rd line help/center ASAP and an insurance RD would be good for playoffs. We should NOT stand still like last year.</div></div>

My opinions:
1. Kuch: He's definitely back, but he's still only scratching the surface (which is amazing ofr us and terrifying for other teams). 8 goals in his last 7 games.
2. Cirelli, what a ****ing player! Really hope we can somehow re-sign him long term (very difficult, I know)
3. Rutta is a beast. Cheap, solid, nothing fancy. Does the work.
4. Sergy? Boy oh boy, I've been preaching on his favor for quite some time now, dividends are starting to pay off. What a player. Same as Cirelli, would be amazing to re-sign him long term but it's close to impossible.
5. Vas the Big Cat is back indeed. In his last 7 games, Vasi has a .964 SV% and 1.14GAA. Back in Vezina trophy territory, to be one of the final three he'll have to have a very strong second half tho.
6. Palat is great. Money well spent when he's playing like this season. I really like him a lot alongside Cirelli. Both heart and soul, grinding guys and they have great chemistry.
7. Verhaeghe is good. Advanced stats nerds also like him a lot. Kid can shoot the puck very well and he's gained a lot of confidence.
8: Killorn. Confidence is sky high. Never seen him playing as he's doing this season. He's peaking at the best time possible. <strong>If </strong>we won't able to keep him, we'll get a little haul in return. Win-win situation for us.
9. Maroon = playoff beast. We'll see what he has to offer in April.
10. Gourde and Johnson, what a shame. Dream situation would be us being able to ship them both out of Tampa in the offseason, but how? Key point of our 2020 offseason: at least one of these two <em><strong>HAS</strong></em> to be traded away.
11. Stammer is playing great. Defensively more responsible than previous seasons, I don't care what anybody says he's a true leader.
12. Point can play a lot better and I firmly believe he'll have a strong second half. Having the offseason double hip surgery + missing training camp surely hindered his performance this first half. Just like when Kucherov missed training camp and in the second half of the season he exploded, I expect the same for Point. Watch out.
13. I like Stephens. Sound defensively, a beast on the faceoff circle (yesterday he won 8 faceoffs of the 9 he took) and his chemistry with Verhaeghe is evident. I believe he has a lot more to offer offensively, next season he will take a step forward IMO
14. Hedman is the best Dman in the league and it's not even close.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hedman4Norris</b></div><div>They'll solve it with the power of disco! Okay no but actually I'd imagine they'll find the best deals available for the best markets available that can fit these players and their own needs each player is different and they have their own reasons to wave their Ntcs usually the number 1 reason is winning however family is a factor, locker room issues can play a factor. Like I don't expect Palat to request a trade any time soon since he is a new father and would likely want some stability. As much as destinations may be desirable to certain players for winning I never really ignore the human element to it. I wouldn't want Palat or killorn to be traded atm due to recentcy bias, I doubt gourde will have any takers atm due to poor play. Which just leaves Tyler Johnson being the most likely. I see him taking off and being a 25 -30 goal guy on another team when he gets the ice time and he fits with the right chemistry. I think there is atleast a close swap somewhere out there. Who knows Vancouver took Miller and use Him right, maybe they can try going 2/2 I wouldn't put it pass mister Bim Jenning to do something risque. Considering the fact he has a lot of the middle of the road players on long deals. . . What is 1 more to that confusing franchise. *Cross fingers*</div></div>

Power of disco?:sarcasm . That just might be one of the more logical answers to the cap situation.. Maybe in Tampa it's the power of Salsa. Interesting take on Vancouver. Maybe Tampa gives up a first rounder in the Miller trade....and Canucks get Johnson and Miller for just a second rounder. Benning is such a bad negotiator, I'm sure Tampa just might get something good out of it.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mhockey91</b></div><div>How is a team this good on paper, playing so badly?? The only significant loss in the offseason was Miller and Stralman (who was already regressing last year) and they added a legit top 4 D in Shattenkirk. This team should be top of the league again. It’s gotta be a mental thing because this team has so much skill throughout the lineup</div></div>

We're changing our system and there's a decent amount of growing pains. Cooper is adapting our teams structure in an attempt to be a better "playoff team".

Last year we played a run and gun style. Simply put we traded high-danger scoring chances with the other team because our offense and goalie were better than just about every other team in the league. We forced the teams we played into playing high-event hockey which we were the best in the league at. Obviously, this system didn't work too well in the playoffs when we came against a team that refused to change their style.

This year we've reverted back to a system closer to what we played when we made the cup final in 2015. Defense first, dump and chase, cycles, etc. rather than odd man rushes. What made our 2015 team successful is just about every player on our team was competent in their own end and could/would cover for dmen when they pinched. This is why that whole Drouin situation happened with getting sent down. and the trade demand It's a pretty big step away from last year so we're seeing some instances of passes to no one because that's where they would have been last year. Now not all the shortcomings are because of this, but I think it's a pretty big contributor. We've actually played really well the past 5+ games, just the record doesn't show it.

That being said, I'm sure there is more to it then that and I acknowledge it. A lot of fans will point out other flaws or just say stuff like "Fire coop" or "too many shrimps" or stuff like that, but hey I'm no expert or anything, I'm just a guy who watches hockey.

Side note: my unfounded and unrealistic theory is that the Bolts are taking it easy so they can be the team that turns it on down the stretch and carry that momentum into the playoffs. Last year they all but clinched a playoff birth in February, which is a long time without meaningful hockey.

Edit: Another big component is that Vasilevskiy has not been his usual self, he does not look like a Vezina winner.