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Wish all posts on capfriendly had this much thought and effort.

- Goalies: Dealing with an injury prone Mrazek or Murray (if they make that trade) is not ideal. They need to properly develop the goalies under contract right now and not have a situation similar to last year. Soderblom is set to be the backup but I'm not sure we buy out Mrazek to sign a different goaltender. I think Davidson will play his cards with Mrazek and Soderblom. Bad goaltending will lead to another high pick in 2024. Don't sign Dell. Would make a three man rotation in Rockford for Commesso and Stauber. If the starter gets injured, someone will be thrown in the fire as you say. Maybe they can claim someone on waivers. I just wouldn’t want a three man rotation in Rockford.

Defense: I like having two young players with veterans to play with. Mistakes will be made and games will be lost but the hawks are not trying to win next year. This is strictly a developmental season for young players. Not saying Jones is a superstar but I think he should get more credit every now and again. He's an easy target of attack because of his contract. Jones and Murphy to lead the development for Korchinski and Vlasic actually sounds pretty solid to me. We do need to bring in another defenseman for the left side. I'm not particularly interested in the EDM trade because of Yamamoto. I read the breakdown and the value is probably fine but I'd rather make a different move, which would lead to no Kulak. Either take on a cap dump defenseman for assets or sign a UFA to a one year deal.

Forwards: Biggest question, why isn't Reichel in the lineup? I don't think Domi is coming back to Chicago. He has earned a deal with more term from his playoff performance and I don't think Chicago wants to give out much term until they settle future contracts with Bedard, Reichel and Korchinski. Two years would be fine but I think he gets more than that. All other signings are solid. One trade that has gone around this website a lot that I think has a good chance of happening is Josh Bailey and a 2nd for future considerations. He slots in 2nd/3rd line wing instead of Yamamoto. This team needs to sign an enforcer for Bedard's protection (don't need to play on the same line). Reaves and Lucic are both UFAs.

Draft: Made some very solid picks that I agree with. Even drafted team needs (forwards and when drafting defensemen they're RD). There is one pick that I don't like and that's Hrabal at #35. I don't think he should be as high as he is on most draft rankings. I'd rather draft a forward here and pick a goalie with a late 2nd or 3rd rounder. Maybe even wait until next draft for a goaltender. I do think the hawks move up #19 by moving some of their 2nds which would change some things.