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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey247</b></div><div>i wouldn't either, but after chiarot, he was our most tradeable asset. next has to be someone like hoffman, petry, kulak, armia, lehkonen. maybe even drouin.</div></div>

Kulak ,Lehkonen will be this year
Hofman,Armia and Savard wont be moveable until atleast next year if not the year after(better to sell them as UFA's if no good offers)
Byron i feel will get traded next year to a contender then return to MTL like Plekanec did(getting us a 2nd and what would become Kulak)
Drouin its 50/50 cant say until he plays for MSL

IF he comes out like Caufield did
Who knows maybe he's here on a 2-3 year deal rather then traded

I feel Gally is safe regardless of media specualtion he said he doesnt want to leave and management said he's a core leader for their youth core
Petry i feel like we wont get a good enough offer so we'll keep him and he'll want to stay as he's thriving under MSL(restrictions will losen or have 7/10 odds i say in 2022)
Dvorak you cant move at a loss, he needs a rebound season and plays well with Anderson and Drouin (Them only though which is hard with 1/3 being out most of the season now)

Only real X Factor here is Jake Allen
He'll be a pending UFA next year but i know for a fact he will re-sign
I golf with his Uncle and he's so happy to be close to home in NB,he's won a Cup now he wants to be part of MTL's 25th
He wont beg but if they offer him a deal he'll smile and sign

Its hard to say as MSL still hasnt truly implemented his System
He's slowly changing things as to not throw off the team mid season
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